The Camacho SLR Cigar from Honduras

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Cigars manufactured in Honduras tend to be full-bodied, and the Camacho SLR Maduro is not an exception. It packs a powerful punch, and while not as strong as a Fonseca Sun Grown or Cohiba Extra Vigoroso, it has enough strength to cause experienced smokers to beg for mercy.

The entire Camacho line features robust cigars, although they also manufacture more mild sticks, such as Baccarat and La Fontana’s. While I do enjoy their Corojo Edition and regular cigars, my favorite is the Special Limited Reserve. There are numerous sizes to choose from, and for the best consistent smoke, I would recommend the 4.5 x 50 size. It has a lot of above-average qualities and will provide a high level of enjoyment for 30-45 minutes. If you prefer natural wrappers, they are available, and they are usually easier to find than the coveted Maduro Wrapper.Camacho SLR Cigar from Honduras

The Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper is beautiful, and these handmade beauties have incredible construction quality. A few years ago, this was not the case, as the Camacho Company emphasized tobacco quality over appearance. They lost a decent part of their market share and made the correct decision to make the cigars visually appealing, which has led to renewed interest in their products. These smokes also hold up well while smoking, although the band can sometimes be difficult to pull off when getting down to the head. Due to this slight issue, be careful to remove it, preferably after the cigar has been lit.

The flavor of these cigars is initially harsh. However, that goes away after a few puffs, and your palate will be tickled with influences of pepper, wood, and berry influences. This has a high level of sweetness, and the smoke volume only increases one’s overall satisfaction. It is a delicious cigar that mellows in the middle without letting you forget that it is full-bodied. While it is strong, it does not overwhelm smokers, as a Don Thomas would. Instead, it reminds you that you are smoking a high quality cigar that is well worth the $4.75 that you paid for it.

I would not recommend smoking this cigar in the morning. It would be too strong for that and might leave you shaking. Smoke this after a large dinner, and this would be paired nicely with a meal consisting of Filet Mignon with red wine or cognac. Considering its reasonable price, this is an outstanding cigar for value and overall quality. Give this one a try to see for yourself that this is a winning cigar.