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To start with, you should know that this BALI OUTDOORS Firepit is an Amazon Choice Product for gas outdoor firepit. From the simple laid out patterns and the classy black finish, this fire pit has a look that is all about luxury. It was made from sturdy steel material and a bit big with a measurement of about 25 inches height and 28 inches width.

BALI OUTDOORS Firepit ReviewThe BALI OUTDOORS Firepit is a propane gas fire pit so it uses a standard-sized propane gas tank though the tank is not included when you purchase it so you have to get it separately. There is sufficient space in the base where the tank is to be kept and it can be accessed through the front door.

BALI OUTDOORS Firepit Review

The fire pit features a stainless steel burner with a heat output of about 50,000 BTU of heat. It uses an ignition control system, it is well hidden inside the base such that only the control switch is seen from the outside.BALI OUTDOORS Firepit Review

The ignition control makes this fire pit very easy to operate, all you have to do to start the fire is to push a button. The fire burns with lava rocks or fire glass but, the manufacturers included lava rocks so you get that extra ambiance when the flames are up.

BALI OUTDOORS Firepit ReviewThis BALI OUTDOORS Firepit is the type of fire pit that needs to be assembled at a lasting position, it is not the best for constant changing of location as it is a bit weighty. The fire pit weighs close to 50 pounds without the LP tank, with the tank on, it adds another 20 making it 70 pounds. No outdoor cover comes with this fire pit table so you make sure it is safe and protected, you should get the BALI OUTDOORS Square Durable Brown Fire Pit Cover.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Includes Lava Rocks


  • Bit heavy
  • No outdoor cover
  • No LP gas tank


Every component of this fire pit are of good quality and durable, the fire pit could last for years with constant use if maintained accordingly. Also the price is not too expensive so you do need to spend much money to get it.


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