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Best Chimney Fire Pits


Chimney Fire pits are specially designed fire pits, they feature the traditional chimney structure that let out smoke upwards from a tunnel. These types of fire pits have been used for over hundred years and a lot of people still prefer using them than others. You can still purchase this type of fire pit today as there are a lot of them on shopping stores. If you want a want a chimney fire pit, then look no further as you can pick a good choice off the below list.

1. Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace Model 30199

Top of the list is a sturdy cast iron fire pit with a bronze finish. The fire area is round and is covered with mesh wire, you can view the flames from any sitting angle. It burns wood and artificial logs and the mesh wire ensures that no sparks can fly out. The fire area do not get too dirty as an ash catching for collecting ashes is included. You can easily access the fire area through the large sliding door in front when you want to add more fuel. This fire pit features a cap on top, it helps to stop water from entering in when it rains. It is a bit weighty, but still portable and also included in the purchase is a log grate and a fire tool. The Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace outdoor fire pit and should not be used indoors.

2. BALI OUTDOORS Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit

The Bali Outdoors fire pit is a good looking product, it was constructed with heavy duty cast iron and designed in a unique style. The fire place is large that it can contain up woods and logs up to 16 inches long. It is all round meshed so it is possible to have a complete view of the fire. Inside the fire place there is an in-built two piece log grate, it allows for better placement of logs and also for proper air flow inside the fire place. You can easy add more fuel through the sliding door which can be accessed by drawing out the handle and also an ash tray that collects ash so it can be easily disposed. The Bali Outdoors fire pit is lightweight which is surprising because of how sturdy it is. It is one of the best chimney fire pits one can option for.

3. Uniflame Firehouse with Chimney

This Chimney fire pit is a large one made with high temperature steel and it comes in a classic black finish. It burns wood and is well enclosed so fire sparks or embers cannot escape the fire house. The fire place is meshed which allows for 360 view of the fire and it can be easily accessed through a latch door in front. After purchasing the Uniflame Firehouse, you have to install it, it is a very easy process as you would not be needing any tools. It is not too heavy and can be moved around if need be. This fire pit has a removable ash receiver, it collects all the ashes so your fire pit stays clean and is easy to tend. Also included in the purchase is a wood grate and a chrome plated cooking grate.

4. Landmann USA 25722 Redford Outdoor Fireplace

This product from the Landmann brand is quite popular one and already a favorite for many customers. It is constructed from sturdy steel material and designed in a way that makes assembling it a very easy task to carry out. The design is among the features that makes this outdoor fire place preferred, it is attractive and will create a pleasant sight. It is square shaped and like most chimney fire pits, allows complete view of the fire. You are protected from fire sparks and embers by the metal grates on all four sides that stops them from escaping. This product comes with a poker about 24 inches long and a fire wood grate. It is light in weight and also very mobile. Also included is a removable ash pan with handles which collects ash and makes this outdoor fire place more easy to use.

5.  Blue Rhino 360 Degree Uni-Flame Outdoor Patio Firehouse Fire Pit

Constructed from high temperature steel, the Blue Rhino firehouse fire pit is an ideal chimney fire pit especially for durability. It is a nice firehouse to be added in a patio or backyard to bring warmth and keep everyone relaxed. You can view the fire from all sides, because the fire place is covered with mesh wire, it also aids in making sure that flying sparks and embers stay contained in the fire place. No tools are required in order to assemble this product so it is a simple and less time taking task. The front of this fire place has a latch door, it opens easily so one can have access to the fire area in case to add more fuel or tend it. You also get a wood grate with this product and the features a removable ash receiver that helps in keeping the place clean and free from ash.

6. Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace

This is a more uniquely designed outdoor fire, it looks very much as a big lantern. For durability, it was constructed from cast iron and for style, it features a vintage emboss design. The fire area, shaped like a bulb allows total view of the fire from any point due to it being meshed. A sliding door in front makes it easy to add or remove woods or just to tend the fire. One other thing about the Deckmate Corona outdoor chimenea fireplace is the size, it is compact so it can be easily stored and also very mobile. The manufacturers provided an tool which can be used to lift the screen and also tend the fire. An in-built steel grate helps in ensuring that the logs and well placed and also that there is sufficient air flow.

7. Grandezza Wood Burning Pagoda Cast Iron Fire Pit by Landmann

There are lots of things to like about this Grandezza fire pit by Landmann, first is the style and design. It is made from cast iron and features attractive cutouts on the fire box that makes the fire pit look more alive when burning at night. 360 degrees view of the fire is attainable as the fire box is covered with mesh wire. This fire pit burns wood and much of it can be contained in the fire area, also no fire sparks or embers cannot go out of it as the mesh wire keeps them contained. The chimney it features is a relatively large one so it does its function well and the built in wood grate ensures that there is better flow of air. For easy cleaning up, this Grandezza fire pit has a removable firepan that collects ashes.

8. Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit by Benzara

At a glance, you would mistake this fire pit for another product other than a fire pit. It looks more like a cage with its very simple design and round shape but it actually is an ideal outdoor chimney fire pit. This wood burning is made from cast iron just as stated in the description. It is a product that you can rely on to keep you comfortable whenever the nights get really cold and it is very easy to set up. As a wood burning fire pit, the manufacturers included a spark screen to contain fire sparks and stop them from escaping. The size is compact so storing this fire pit is easy and it is a portable product too. This fire pit can also be used indoors, it is safe.

9. Chiminea by Red Ember

This Chiminea by Red Ember is constructed in a manner much different from any other fire pit you’ve seen. The construction is modern and this Chiminea was made with robust steel and made attractive with a deep black finish. Assemble is required, but it is easy. Because of its size, this fire pit is lightweight and we can say it is more than portable, carrying it from location to another is as easy as easy. It burns wood and the fire area though small, can still hold a moderate fire. A small poker is included and it also comes with a sturdy cover to ensure that it is safe and secure from unfriendly outdoor elements. If you need an outdoor fire with to occupy just a small space in your backyard or patio, you can make due with this product, it is a quality option.

10. Pleasant Hearth Chesterfield Outdoor Fireplace

For a luxurious design and overall appearance, the Pleasant Hearth Outdoor Fireplace is picked as one of the best fire pits with a chimney. Having a luxurious design is not all that this fire place has to offer, it is actually a durable and reliable product. The fire place is tall and wide, it can contain sufficient logs and they can be placed both horizontally and vertically. It has mesh wires on all sides so you are safe from fire sparks and it also allows 360 degree of the fire. For proper circulation of air to keep the fire consistent, this fire place has an in-built CirculAir System. It has an removal ash pan that collects and makes it easy for you to dispose ash. A weather resistant cover is provided to protect the fire pit from outdoor elements and help it last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: : What size fire pit should I choose?

A: The case of what size of fire pit one should choose depends on what you need a fire pit for and the space you want it to occupy. However, a fire pit should not be too big, medium size is ideal.

Q: Can I place my fire pit on patio decking or tiles?

A: Yes, though it is not totally recommended, but the case is a bit different for chimney fire pits. To be on a safer side, you could consider putting a heat resistant material on the floor before placing your fire pit on top.

Q: How do I care for my fire pit? 

A: Taking care or maintaining your fire pit is not much of a work to do. This is because the fire pits are made of very durable materials that do not wear off easily. Routine cleaning is ideal and most of all, you should protect your fire pit from outdoor elements by taking it indoors or getting a cover for it.

Q: Can a fire pit be placed in a sun room or on an enclosed deck?

A: It is not recommended that you place your fire pit in an enclosed deck. But, some of the chimney fire pits were designed for both indoor and outdoor use so you can use them in an enclosed deck or in a sun room.

Q:  Can I cook or grill on my Chimney Fire pit?

A: Chimney fire pits are not the best ones for grilling, though they can be used. If the fire pit comes with a grill or is written in the specifications that it can be used to grill, then you can use it.

Q: Do I need to cover my Chimney fire pit when not in use?

A: For durability and long lasting, you should. Of course the fire pits are made with sturdy materials but that does not mean they do not need maintenance. Getting a cover for your chimney fire pit will help ensure its quality lasts.

Q: Are Chimney Fire Pits safe to use?

A: Yes, chimney fire pits are safe to use just like other types of outdoor fire pits. However, when it comes to safety, it is not just about the product alone but how you the user uses it. You should keep all safety instructions in order to make your fire pit safe to use.


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