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Best Fire Pits on Amazon


It is possible to say that everyone that has ever been on the internet has visited Amazon.com one time or the other. Amazon.com continues to be the world’s number 1 destination for online shopping. You see their products and affiliates on almost every other site and they have made a name for themselves by offering quality and stress free shopping services to customers. If you want to purchase an outdoor fire pit, I bet one of the first things you would do involves going on Amazon to  read customer product reviews and check the best available. That is what is contained in this article – the list of the best outdoor fire pits you would find on Amazon from different brands and of different types.

1. Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

This fire pit happens to be the present best fire on Amazon due to customers recommendations. The main sell out feature is because it uses propane gas and not fire wood, so it does not create mess. But, it needs a propane gas tank of which none is included upon purchase, you certainly need to order one separately. That aside, this Outland fire bowl is really an ideal one if you need an outdoor fire pit. Made from high quality material and a powder coating finish that ensures that it lasts. It features burners and fasteners which are made of steel as well and had a heat output of 58,000 BTU. You would find it very convenient to use. First, it is easy and quick to install, you do not need tools and you just have to do very little because it comes almost ready. Also, because it produces a smokeless flame. This product is recommended for camp purposes because it is light weight and very portable.

2. Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit

The Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit is another product that is highly recommended by customers on Amazon. It is a very functional and reliable product which you won’t regret purchasing. What interests many customers is its size, compact which makes storing this fire pit very easy. The size also makes it portable, you can take it anywhere you need an outdoor fire pit. This is a wood burning fire pit, it features a 22 inch steel bowl well finished to withstand pressure from the burning woods. Fire sparks and embers are associated with wood burning fire pits so a mesh fire screen was included to keep them contained in the fire bowl. You would need to install it after purchase but it is so easy a task. Talking about how compact this product is to store, the legs are foldable which further compliments it. A cooking grate and wooden grate are included too and you know how useful they can be. The Fire Sense Fire Pit has a vinyl carry bag which you can use in packing it. It is a product that comes with all needed in an outdoor fire pit.

3. Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

The Big Sky Stars and Moons design featured by this fire pit is enough to make one love it and purchase it. While you sit out at night to enjoy the warmth from it, the fire pit creates an amazing sight that will not only attract you, but others passing by as well. The construction and material this fire pit was made from also makes it recommended. It is a large fire pit, it features a fire bowl that measures about 24 inches deep but it is still light weight and portable. You can carry it easily by holding the safety ring that rounds the fire bowl. It burns wood so it has a spark screen so everyone around it is protected from fire sparks and embers that stray out of the fire bowl. The manufacturers also included a cooking grate so you can as well cook with this fire pit.

4. AmazonBasics 26-Inch Portable Folding Fire Pit

One of the best fire pits you would find on Amazon is this folding one produced by them. This fire pit is everything a portable fire pit should be, if you need a fire pit that you can take with you on the go, this should be among your top options. It comes complete, everything required to set it up for use is included so assembling it is easy and won’t waste any time. This fire pit from Amazon is has a painted steel bowl that measures about 26 inches, it holds a lot of wood for its size. A fire screen goes over the fire bowl to prevent fire sparks from reaching anyone close to this fire pit. Storing this fire pit is made easy and compact as it is foldable, you can fold legs. As a portable product, you will be more convenient with carrying around as it comes with a sturdy carry bag upon purchase.

5. Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

First thing one would notice about the Landmann Barrone Fire Pit is its size, it is a bit large in sign. The fire boxed design it features catches your attention next as it makes it possible for 360 viewing of the fire whilst complimenting the overall construction of this fire pit. This fire pit burns wood and a whole lot of it is contained in the 26 inches deep steel fire bowl it has on its 4 sturdy legs. No sparks or embers go out of the fire bowl as they are all held back by the spark screen that covers the fire bowl. If you need a grate, this fire pit has an in-built one made from wood and also a fire poker. Earlier stated that this product is a bit large, but it does not mean it is heavy as this fire pit is mobile. A weather resistant cover is provided, it should be used to protect the fire pit from outdoor elements when not in use.

6. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit is one of its kind. It is much different than most fire pit in design and how it functions. This fire pit was made from stainless steel, shiny and reflective as you know Stainless Steel to be. It measures about 14 inches deep and burns wood. The way it is constructed ensures that less smoke is generated and that is one of the major pros of this fire pit. When lit, life is given to the fire through the air vent holes as sufficient air flows in. This product does not have a spark screen to contain fire sparks, it features a  raised ash pan which does the same work but in a more unique manner. Talk about size, the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit is compact, light weight and can be easily carried from a point to the other. And to make that more easy, the manufacturers provided an carry bag for it.

7. Yaheetech 32″ Outdoor Metal Firepit

This is a table top fire pit with a very solid construction. It is constructed from heavy duty iron mesh with a sturdy steel frame that ensures stability. The tile pattern design it features makes this product a luxurious one. The Yaheetech outdoor fire pit is a wood burning fire pit and square in shape like a giant stove. It features a mesh lid to prevent fire sparks and embers that flies out of the fire pit and a fire poker to be in stroking the fire and removing mesh lid. This fire pit can also be used as a BBQ though the BBQ shelf is not included, when filled with ices instead of wood, it can help cool drinks. These features are what makes the Yaheetech outdoor fire pit a multipurpose one. The manufacturers provided an outer waterproof cover helps to keep the fire pit clean and safe when it is not being used.

8. Sunnydaze Large Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

When it comes to producing products with quality, Sunnydaze is one of the brands one can rely on. The size of this fire pit is what is of main interest, it measures about 31 inches in depth. The fire pit burns wood and with such a wide size of fire bowl, it can hold as much woods as one would need for an outdoor fire. The crossweave design and structure of this fire pit is also well crafted and compliments its appearance. Being made from steel with a bronze high temperature paint finish, there is enough reason to believe that this product would last for a long time. You sure need to assemble the Sunnydaze Large Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit but it is simple and takes less time. Despite being of large size, this fire pit is still lightweight which makes it portable and an ideal one for camping. And when not in use, the included waterproof cover is there to protect and keep it safe.

9. Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl

The simple and yet unique design of the Sorbus Fire Pit is one of the major things that most customers love about the product. Aside from that, Amazon customers have also confirmed that this is one of the best outdoor fire pits on the site. This is an easy to use fire pit and one would be amaze with how much heat is generated from the fire it when set up. It is a fire pit made from quality steel and finished with black paint to improve its quality, if maintained properly, this fire pit could serve for a really long time. The fire bowl of this fire pit measures about 22 inches in diameter and is round in shape. You would encounter stress with assembling the Sorbus Fire fit as the provided assembly instructions will make it easy for you to do so. As a wood burning fire pit, flying fire sparks and embers are to expected but the featured mesh cover will contain them.

10. BioLite FirePit Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit Grill

The BioLite Fire pit is designed in a way different from other fire pits, if not told that it is an outdoor fire pit, you would not think it is one. Its main function is to serve as an outdoor grill and it is all round meshed so there is complete viewing of the fire. You can either burn wood or charcoal in it and this fire pit is designed in such a way that it does not let out much smoke so you don’t get uncomfortable with it. This is a relatively tall fire pit as it measures 10 inches in height, the flame is adjustable and has 4 different level so you can set it the one you want as you grill. To make it portable since of course you would need to change its position, the manufacturer made the legs foldable. This product is Amazon’s choice so you are sure that you are purchasing a quality product.

11. F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24″ Fire Pit

This Heavy Steel Fire Pit from the F2C brand is a strong one, uniq8constructed with 6 sides – Hexagonal shaped. The shape gives this fire pit a luxurious and ideal product  if you want quality and style. This product is sturdy, made from bronze and finished in black such that it easily blends with any outdoor decor. It comes with all the basic fire pit parts needed so assembling is easy and quick. A heat resistant mesh cover goes over the fire bowl, since this fire pit burns wood, it helps to keep fire sparks contained in the bowl. The fire bowl itself is large so it sure will contain a good amount of woods. Also, it features mesh patterns so sufficient air flows in to keep the fire consistent and so its possible to view the fire from any angle. This F2C fire pit is portable, it is lightweight despite how it looks.

12. Outland Firebowl 823 Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

This should be the first propane gas fire pit to be mentioned in this list. A lot of customers prefer the gas fire pits than the wood burning ones and if you happen to be among the set, the Outland Outdoor propane gas fire pit is a worthy product. For quality and durability, this fire pit was produced from high quality steel and well coated. All that is needed to assemble it is made available upon purchase, you won’t find it difficult. This fire pit performs very well as it releases as much heat as would be required, no worries about smoke or flying sparks and embers. You can adjust the flame height to your desired level as it features a regulator and a chrome valve knob. The size is compact which makes this product well portable coupled with it being lightweight.

13. Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Landmann brand is a highly patronized brand by customers on Amazon especially when it comes to outdoor fire pits. This outdoor fire pit is a ball of fire just as stated in the description. Made from steel, it is all shades of quality and durability. It creates an admirable sight when lit up and the fire ball is meshed so it is possible to view the fire from any angle. This fire pit operates with style, it opens by turning on a point like a pivot. It makes it easy to access the 30 inches fire bowl so you can tend the fire. The Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace may appear to be big but it is not heavy, it is lightweight and portable. It also comes with a vinyl type cover, though not too sturdy but capable of protecting the fire pit.

15. BestMassage Outdoor Fire Pit Round 24″

With a fire pit as this one, you can fully enjoy the warmth of the winter outdoors. It is constructed with a very awesome design and structure. The whole construction is made from quality steel material and it features stars and moons patterns to make it look attractive. But, the BestMassage outdoor fire pit has more to offer than being attractive. It features a large fire bowl that contains the wood it burns and a mesh lid over the bowl to prevent fire sparks and embers from escaping. The cut out patterns on the fire bowl is not just to make it attractive, but to also ensure that proper air flows into the bowl to give life to the fire. A manual is included, by following the manual you would be able to assemble this fire pit without encountering much stress. It comes with a fire poker too and can also be used as a BBQ to grill food.

16. Best Choice Products 30in Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

From the light up the night fire pit collection, Best choice products presents this 30 inches outdoor fire pit. It is a product well made with all needed to make it decorative and durable. Being all round constructed with sturdy steel material, it is certain that this product will last. Assembly is required but the manufacturers describes it as minimal, it is very easy as there are provided instructions for you to follow. The fire bowl features moon and stars cut out that draws attention and imitates the stars and moon in the sky at night. It is covered with a spark screen to hold in fire sparks so everyone around it is safe. A 20 inch cooking grate is included, so if you love grilling food outdoors, you can do that with style. The Best Choice Products 30 inches Outdoor Patio Fire Pit has less weight, not too heavy and very mobile.

17. Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

Last product we have on the list of the best fire pits on Amazon is the Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit, Amazon’s choice for portable camp fire. It is very much different than the others earlier mentioned and an outdoor ideal fire pit especially for camping. It can be quickly assembled for use and collapsed for compact storage as well as the legs are foldable. The stainless steel net that goes on top the foldable legs hold the woods for the fire. It is anti-heating and eco-friendly so it is capable of withstanding the heat generated from the fire. A fire pit as this one allows the flames to be fully seen, it is not hidden in any way. Saying this product is lightweight is a bit of an understatement, it is more than lightweight. It comes with a carry bag so it can be easily carried.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Pits on Amazon

Q: Can you use coal in the wood burning fire pits?

A: The answer would be yes to the ones with deep fire bowls, it won’t be recommended for the shallow ones. Also, if you want to use coal, you should add sand to the base before.

Q: Is it OK putting the fire pits on a wood deck?

A: Most fire pit manufacturers highly advises against  placing outdoor fire pits on wooden decks. It could cause hazards as wood is a flammable material. Despite this, a lot of customers still put their fire pits on wooden decks. If you must, try to place something metal or stone under it, it is safer that way.

Q: Which is the Best Outdoor Fire pit on Amazon?

A: There are lots of outdoor fire pit products on Amazon that are of very good quality and very functional. The products listed above are currently the best sellers on the site and you can pick one that meets your demands.

Q: Are the fire pits covered with a guarantee?

A: Some of the products – Not all – are covered with guarantee, buying directly from Amazon ensures that you get the original. Amazon’s 30 days return policy also covers every product, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days even if used.


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