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The Bond Manufacturing 67836 Aurora Steel Gas Firebowl is a small-sized one, about 18 inches wide and 14 inches in height. It features a steel fire bowl and steel base, and the bowl is cross weaved, which makes the flames visible from the sides. The base is sturdy. It features four legs attached with a ring at the bottom, which keeps the fire pit stable.

Bond Manufacturing 67836 Aurora Steel Gas Firebowl ReviewAssembling is not required when you purchase this fire pit. All of the fire pit parts are welded together except for the cover lid. The cover lid has a handle, and mounting the handle to the lid will be the only work you will be doing.


Bond Manufacturing 67836 Aurora Steel Gas Firebowl ReviewThe fire pit comes with all you would need to use it except for the propane tank. You can order a standard-sized propane tank to use with it. The fire pit comes with a tank holder holding the propane tank and a 10 ft hose for connecting it with the fire pit. It is straightforward to start the fire, and the fire pit has a regulator, making it possible to adjust the fire settings.

The Bond Manufacturing 67836 Aurora Steel Gas Firebowl is a very warming gas fire pit, it has a heat output of 50,000 BTU, and It puts out good heat even when on a low setting. This product is also very mobile, especially because of its compact size, and It weighs as little as 18 pounds, which makes it a very lightweight fire pit. The cover lid with a handle makes carrying this fire pit easier. It locks with the fire bowl and stays firm as it is lifted.Bond Manufacturing 67836 Aurora Steel Gas Firebowl Review

Though this fire pit does not come with any protective outdoor cover, the cover lid with a handle will be able to protect the fire bowl from damage. Every other part of the fire pit still needs to be secured when not in use, so getting an outdoor cover is recommended.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Includes cover with handle


  • No outdoor cover


Purchasing this fire pit will really be worth it. It is a product that works and is constructed with durable materials, so it lasts.


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