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Customers always admire a product with a beautiful and attractive design, and the F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24″ Fire Pit happens to be one of such products.

F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24

It is a Hex Shaped fire pit, which means it has 6 sides and it features a cross-weave design. This unit is made from sturdy steel and finished in an elegant black paint color. It is quite a tall and spacious fire pit. It measures about 25 inches tall on the outside and 12 inches tall on the inside. It sure can contain sufficient woods for whatever fire size you want to build.F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24

A heat-resistant mesh fire screen covers the fire pit area, and it functions as a protection against fire sparks, embers, and debris. Along with the cross-weave design, one can have a complete view of the fire from any position, and also proper air gets to flow inside the fire pit.F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24

Transporting the F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24″ Fire Pit won’t be a hassle of a task as the unit is lightweight. How powerful and blazing this fire pit can be should be set up at least 10 feet away from any structure to avoid causing any hazard. Also, it should not be used on a wooden surface or a cover porch. It is a no-no for camping in the woods.

This fire pit does not come with any accessories except the fire pit parts needed for assembling, and a lot of customers have not been happy with this fact. You will have to purchase other accessories separately like a fire poker, outdoor cover if you want to use this fire pit safely. The F2C manufacturers sell these accessories.F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24


  • Beautiful Design
  • Spacious
  • Mesh Fire Screen
  • Lightweight


  • No accessories


The F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24″ Fire Pit is a durable product, many customers who have bought it attested to using it for a long time with it holding up. But it is recommended that you at least buy a cover for it to be protected.


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