5 Best Cast Iron Fire Pits

Best Cast Iron Fire Pits
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To get the best fire pits out there, the material should be considered, and cast iron remains one of the best materials any outdoor fire pit can be made of. In that sense, below is a list of top picks of the best-cast iron fire pit one can purchase. If you need a cast iron fire pit, you can make do with any of the listed products.

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1. Catalina Creations – Best 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire PitCatalina Creations - Best 29

The top choice cast iron fire pit is from Catalina Creations, one of the top brands for outdoor fire pits. This fire pit features a stunning design and is well constructed, such that it blends into any outdoor decor. The design consists of stars and moon cutouts that bring the fire pit alive at night. The cutouts are not just for design alone. They also allow proper airflow into the bowl. The log grate does the same. With a large and deep fire bowl, you can create almost any size of fire with this fire pit. You are safe as you relax around this cast iron fire pit as it comes with a wire mesh spark screen to hold fire sparks and embers. Also, there is a lifting tool to help you remove the spark screen, so you don’t come in contact with the flames.


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2. Esschert Design FF90 – Best Cast Iron Fire BowlEsschert Design FF90 - Best Cast Iron Fire Bowl

The Esschert Fire Bowl is simple, as simple as any regular bowl, but it is sturdy as it was constructed with cast iron. This fire bowl is no small one. It is a giant fire bowl finished in black with a sturdy base to keep it stable. The fire bowl is big enough to carry a good amount of wood that one would need for a warming fire. There would be no assembling for this product. It comes ready to be used immediately out of the box. Though this fire bowl is a bit heavy, it can still be easily lifted, so it still is portable. This product would fit in well in any patio or backyard. It is one of the best ones made from cast iron.


3. Sunnydaze – Best 30 Inch Large Fire Pit BowlSunnydaze - Best 30 Inch Large Fire Pit Bowl

When it comes to fire pit products, you expect a product or two from the Sunnydaze manufacturers. The brand does products with quality. The Sunnydaze 30 inch large fire pit bowl is a fire pit bowl with a steel-colored finish but, of course, made from cast iron. Its steel-colored finish gives it a classic look, and the simple design further adds to making this product an ideal one. This fire pit bowl performs very well as a wood-burning fire pit, and it is wide enough to create larger fires. It stands stable on four legs and is fully portable, with it not being heavy. Also, this fire pit features two handles, one on each side so that it can be easily lifted off the ground. You are assured of getting quality when you purchase this product as Sunnydaze backs it with a year warranty.


4. CobraCo Woven – Best Base Cast Iron Fire PitCobraCo Woven - Best Base Cast Iron Fire Pit

This is a fire pit that can be set up wherever warmth is needed. The round fire bowl is made of heavy-duty cast iron, ideal for small and large fires, with the base made of steel, so this product is durable. The eye-catcher here is the basket-weave pattern this fire pit is designed with, it gives it a unique appearance, and the bronze finish is just charming. No doubt, this cast iron fire pit would go with any outdoor decor. You would need to assemble it after purchase. All needed hardware and instructions to follow are provided by the manufacturers. It is a fully portable product and can be taken about anywhere, as it is lightweight. An included spark guard that covers the fire pit helps keep you safe from fire sparks and embers.


5. Best Choice Products – Best Large Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit BowlBest Choice Products - Best Large Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

Best Choice Products is another top brand that produces quality fire pit products, and this list is ending with a product from them. This is a rustic fire pit bowl made of heat resistant and weather-resistant cast iron. It is straightforward to assemble. You won’t encounter any trouble with that. With three sturdy slanted legs, this fire pit stands in the perfect position and is stable. It features two carry handles so it can be carried easily when there is a need to. The manufacturers included a heavy-duty cover to protect this fire pit from certain weather conditions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be safely used on the grass in a somewhat wooded area?

It is not recommended that you use a fire pit on wooden or grass surfaces because they are flammable and can get burnt. If you must use it on such surfaces, you should put something beneath.

What material is it best to put beneath on a grass?

For grass, you can put a metal material beneath your fire pit. If the fire pit is kept in a more permanent position, you could consider placing sand beneath it.

Do you put charcoal or wood or both in the fire pit?

You can put both in the fire pits, but wood is always ideal because it burns better. A bottomless fire pit would require a whole lot of charcoal to create a moderate outdoor fire. It is best to go with wood. Charcoal may be ideal when the fire bowl is not too deep.

Do the fire pit rust?

Although cast iron is more durable than steel, the fire pits can rust because of iron rust. However, you can prevent the rust from occurring by handling and maintaining your fire pit accordingly.

Does cast iron hold heat?

Yes, cast iron holds heat so well, this is because it is a poor conductor of heat.


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