13 Best Fire Pit Table Sets

Best Fire Pit Table Sets
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A fire pit table set is always an excellent addition to any outdoor space. Sometimes it is best to purchase a set rather than just a fire pit and other furniture separately. When you purchase a fire pit table set, you get everything you need to enjoy your outdoor fire pit, including warmth from the fire pit and comfort from the chairs and other furniture.

Also, it brings style, elegance, and luxury to your patio, as every item is designed and constructed to match. You are likely to spend less when you purchase a full fire pit table set than when you purchase the pieces separately, so it does help you save money. If you would like to know the best fire pit table sets that would be ideal for you to buy, read on.

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1. Belham Living Sitmore Fire Pit Patio Set

Belham Living Sitmore Fire Pit Patio SetThe Belham Living Sitmore Fire Pit Patio Set consists of 2 patio chairs, an ottoman, and an outdoor fire pit. Each item is well designed and made with quality. The chairs are cushioned and feature an aluminum frame. They are large chairs which anyone would feel comfortable in. The same goes for the ottoman. It is cushioned with an aluminum frame. The cushions are very thick and soft, they are weather friendly and water repellent, also they do not fade easily as they are UV and fade resistant. The fire pit that comes with this set is a propane gas one. It was built with stainless steel and finished in a black hue for a classic look. You sure need to assemble it, and you can do that without much stress. The fire pit has a stainless steel burner that emits up to 30,000 BTU of heat, making sure to do the warming job. Having this fire pit table set in your outdoor space will add to the place’s style and luxury. The designs are stylish, and all the items are durable and of good quality.



2. Belham Living Luciana Bay Wicker Sofa Sectional Set with Florentine Fire Pit

Best Fire Pit Table SetsThis is an ideal fire pit set for families as it can sit up to 6 people. It is a beautiful and luxurious set that you would be attracted to use every other night. The fire pit table is a square propane one. It uses a stainless steel burner and emits as much as 40,000 BTUs of heat. If you need an outdoor warming fire, you can rely on this Florentine Fire Pit to deliver just that. It was built with an aluminum frame, and the top features an attractive weave-pattern design. To make the flames more entertaining, decorative fire glass was provided by the manufacturers. When not in use, the fire area should be covered with the fire bowl cover, that way, it is protected, and it can also serve as a normal table. The wicker sofa chairs provide you with as much comfort as you would need. The cushions are thick and soft. It soothes you as you sit on it, and there are throw pillows too. You will have a good time sitting on them and enjoying the warmth from the fire pit.


3. Kristy 9 Piece Dining Set by Darby Home Co

Kristy 9 Piece Dining Set by Darby Home CoDarby Home Co brings you a quality fire pit table set from the Kristy outdoor furniture collection. These items in this set boast of luxury, comfort, and durability. First is the rectangular fire pit table, produced with high quality cast aluminum material, finished in black and a five-stage powder coating process to ensure durability. It is a double burner fire pit table, so you need 2 LP Gas tanks, one for each burner. Easily convert the fire pit table to a standard table by covering the burners with the fire pit cover. It is designed just like the chairs, so everything matches. The chairs are 8 in number, all of the same style, size, and design. The outer frames are made from metal and finished in black the manufacturers guarantee it is weather and water-resistant. They also have thick and soft seat cushions finished in a pale yellow color. The Kristy 9 Piece Dining Set by Darby Home Co is one of the best fire pit table sets you can purchase, and you can also use it indoors. It is safe.


4. Mainstays Holten Ridge 5-Piece Tile-Top Fire Pit Chat Set with Gray Cushions

Mainstays Holten Ridge 5-Piece Tile-Top Fire Pit Chat Set with Gray CushionsMainstays Brand is a top producing brand when it comes to outdoor furniture. This fire pit set was designed with many styles and produced to provide comfort as you enjoy the warmth from your fire pit. The patio chairs finished in gray are powder coated and deeply cushioned. They are sturdy and durable as they feature strong steel frames. The chairs can hold up to 250 lbs of weight, anyone will feel comfortable using them, and they would last long as the covers are now fading and the metal is resistant to rust. Also, the chairs do not weigh much so that they can be easily carried around. The fire pit it comes with is a wood-burning one, with the top decorated with porcelain tile, and it can be easily converted to use as a table. You cover it with the fire pit lid, and you get a smooth table surface. When used as a fire pit, the included mesh spark guard screen will protect you from fire sparks and embers. It is not a heavy fire pit, and it is very portable.


5. Sunjoy Simone Aluminum 7 Piece Fire Pit Set with Wicker Chairs

Sunjoy Simone Aluminum 7 Piece Fire Pit Set with Wicker ChairsThis Sunjoy Simone Aluminum Fire Pit Set is one of the best fire pit table sets you can purchase right now, and at an affordable price as well. The set comes complete with six pieces of wicker chairs and a gallant propane gas fire pit. The wicker chairs are comfortable to sit on as the seats are all cushioned. The cushions fit securely on the seat with the help of the straps. The chairs have sturdy frames made from sturdy heat resistant aluminum. You have a dining table and a fire pit in one product as the fire pit can be used as both. It uses an LP gas tank, which will be hidden away in the fire pit base. However, the gas tank will be purchased separately as none is included upon purchase. The fire pit table’s circular design should not be overlooked, it is beautiful and sophisticated, and the table is durable as it was constructed from steel.

Also included in this set are throw pillows to make you more comfortable and relaxed. With the Sunjoy Simone Aluminum Fire Pit Set, you and your guests will have a night to remember.


6. Theworldofpatio Elizabeth Cast Aluminum Powder Coated 5pc Deep Seating Set

Theworldofpatio Elizabeth Cast Aluminum Powder Coated 5pc Deep Seating SetTalk about style, class, and quality, Theworldofpatio Elizabeth Deep Seating Set with fire pit has all of it. You get four pieces of the Elizabeth Deep Seating Swivel Rockers and a piece of the Elizabeth 52″ Round Firepit Table when you purchase this set. The chairs are made with solid cast aluminum, which was powder coated in 5 stages and guaranteed not to rust. It offers maximum comfort as it is cushioned on both the seat and back. Both the frames and cushions are of wonderful quality, and they look beautiful as well. There is no doubt that they will be in good shape for years.

The fire pit table is a quality one too. It is large and uses a propane gas burner to generate the flames. It emits up to 40,000 BTU of heat but does not come with a propane tank. You will get it separately. The gas tank will be hidden inside the base of the fire. Customers who have purchased this fire pit table set have gotten nothing short of satisfaction, and you, too, will be satisfied with it if you happen to purchase it.


7. Sunvuepatio Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Elisabeth 9 Piece Patio Dining Double Burner Propane Table

Sunvuepatio Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Elisabeth 9 Piece Patio Dining Double Burner Propane Table.Here we have a double burner propane fire pit table that sells along with eight pieces of patio chairs. Producers of this product did a good job in the design, which is a classic one. The fire pit table is a long one as it is 2 in 1, and it features two stainless steel burners with beautiful pattern designs on the top. Assembling does take a bit of time to be completed, but it is worth it. You will also need to get two propane gas tanks because each burner uses one, and fire glass is also included to add beauty to the flames.

With beautiful shapes and designs, you are sure to fall in love with the chairs at first sight. They are made from cast aluminum, finished in classic bronze color, and are very strong and durable. The chairs do come with bottom cushions to make sitting more comfortable. Among the eight chairs, you will only need to assemble just the two swivels. The other six comes assembled and ready to use. The chairs are very lightweight and portable.


8. Duncombe 5 Piece Sunbrella Dining Set with Cushions and Firepit by Darby Home Co

Duncombe 5 Piece Sunbrella Dining Set with Cushions and Fire pit by Darby Home CoThis Sunbrella Dining Set consists of 1 terra ab fire pit along with 4 Motion club chairs. The terra ab fire pit table is a square one, and it uses propane gas. Also, it features a stainless steel burner that delivers up to 50,000 BTU of heat. The top is made with concrete, and it is well crafted for style. It has a fire bowl that is made of steel, which was porcelain coated for quality. This fire pit is easy to use. It features an electronic ignition system that is quick to start. This fire pit will require a standard propane gas tank, and you are to purchase it separately. Also included is a fabric weather cover that should be used to cover up the fire pit when not in use. The motion club chairs are also of good quality. They were built to last with sturdy metal frames. They are also very comfortable as they feature the Sunbrella contrast piped cushions. This product is recommended for durability. It can be used all year round without having any issues.


9. Hanover ASPENCRK7PCFP Aspen Creek 7-Piece Aluminum Rust-Free Patio Fire Pit Dining Set

Hanover ASPENCRK7PCFP Aspen Creek 7-Piece Aluminum Rust-Free Patio Fire Pit Dining SetThis is a seven-piece outdoor sitting set, including 6 swivel chairs and an LP Gas Fire Pit. The fire pit is hexagonally shaped with a top made of aluminum, there is enough space at the top, and it not only serves as a fire pit but doubles as a surface table when covered with the fire pit lid. You have to assemble the fire pit table. The manufacturers provide instructions for you to follow. It is a powerful one as it emits up to 30,000 BTU of heat, but the manufacturers did not include any LP gas tank, so you have to purchase one, and it should be placed securely in the base. You can adjust the flame height from high to low easily with the control knob, and you get to enjoy the flames more thanks to the included fire glass. The chairs all feature polyethylene wicker finished in dark oak color, and seat cushions too finished in a lighter brown color. The cushions are soft and thick as well. They were made with fiber wrapped foams. Also, they are moisture and UV resistant, so they hardly lose quality.


10. Campton 9 Piece Dining Set with Firepit and Cushion by Fleur De Lis Living

Campton 9 Piece Dining Set with Fire pit and Cushion by Fleur De Lis LivingIf you want a huge and spacious fire pit table, you have a good option here with this product. This fire pit table set comprises well-constructed outdoor furniture, a fire pit table, and eight chairs. The fire pit table was made from high quality cast aluminum and featured awe-inspiring handcrafted designs at the top. It burns with propane gas and makes use of a standard LP tank though none is included. The chairs are sturdy as well, the frames are made from metal, and they have elegant designs. They also have soft seat cushions for better relaxation and comfort. The legs all have nylon glides, so they go smooth on the floor without causing a scratch. The fire pit comes with a fire pit lid. Once covered, you can use it as a regular outdoor table. The fire pit can also be disconnected and removed entirely, just if you do not need it any longer. All items in this set are weather-resistant, so durability is guaranteed, and they are also covered with a 5-year warranty.


11. Lebanon 7 Piece Dining Set with Cushions and Firepit by Three Posts

Lebanon 7 Piece Dining Set with Cushions and Fire pit by Three PostsWhen it comes to furniture items, products from the Three Post store are always a good option for many customers, and so is this 7 piece set. This fire pit table set is off the Lebanon collection, and it really is a product worthy of purchase. One reason why many customers prefer this product to others is sturdiness. You get around a propane gas fire pit and 6 chairs with seat cushions when you purchase. The fire pit table is constructed with weather-resistant cast aluminum, powder-coated, and a hand styled finish.

With a BTU output capacity up to 41,000 BTU, there is no doubt that the fire pit table will complete the outdoor warming task. Assembly is required to set up the fire pit. It won’t be much work as everything you would need is included in the purchase. The chairs are also made of durable aluminum but finished in an elegant Antique bronze color. The seat cushions do not come short of quality. Finished in a beige color, they are made of 100% polyester, and you can rely on their durability.


12. GDF Studio Venice Patio Furniture 5 Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Chair Set with Propane Fire (Table) Pit

GDF Studio Venice Patio Furniture 5 Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Chair Set with Propane Fire (Table) PitThis set is a set that you will absolutely love if you happen to purchase it. It is of good quality and consists of four chairs and 1 fire pit, and every item is well designed. The fire pit table is square-shaped, constructed from very durable material, and is long-lasting. It is a compelling fire pit table, it uses propane gas, and the burner emits about 40,000 BTU of heat. You do have to assemble it, it is not too difficult and takes little time. With the cover lid on, it becomes a standard outdoor table.

The chairs are wicker designed, sturdily built, finished in dark brown color, and have very soft cushions finished in beige color. The quality is superb as it is UV resistant, so it does not get harmed by sun exposure. They are wide and very accommodating, so one would feel really comfortable sitting on them. The manufacturers provided a water-resistant cover for the chairs, so they are protected from unfriendly weather conditions like rainfall. This fire pit table set would be a perfect match for any backyard or patio. It is recommended for purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do gas fire pits put out enough heat?

Yes, they do put out enough heat, though it may be lesser than that of a wood-burning fire pit, they are mostly preferred as they produce less smoke, and the heat is adjustable.

Can you use a propane fire pit inside?

Most propane gas fire pit can be used indoors. This is mainly because they are safer to use as they produce less smoke.

Do gas fire pits need to be covered?

A cover is not compulsory for your gas fire pit, but it is recommended that you get one. It helps to secure the fire pit and keep it safe from outdoor elements and damages when not in use.

Can I store items in the Fire Pit Base?

The fire pit base was made spacious to contain or hold the LP gas tank. Aside from that, you should store no other item in the fire pit base.

Can I leave the Burner lit with the Burner Cover on?

No, it is not safe at all. If you want to put the lid cover on, make sure that the burner is turned off.

Can I adjust the flame height of the fire pits?

Not all propane gas fire pits allow for adjusting of flame height. You can adjust the flame height for some of the fire pits listed above.

How do I safely operate my fire pit?

Fire pits are not too difficult to operate. Following the laid down safety precautions by the manufacturers will help you use your fire pit safely.


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