5 Decorating Ideas for Patio Water Features

5 Decorating Ideas for Patio Water Features
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Do you keep water features on your terrace, veranda, patio or deck?

Generally smaller than other fountains or pools, decorating ideas are sometimes limited to the materials that come with the original kit.

Think outside the box for must-know decorative ideas.

Pond Plants Add a Splash of Color to Water Features Kept on Decks and Terraces

A larger above-ground pond or pool that acts as a center piece to a patio can become home to numerous pond plants.

In the alternative, provide a focal point within a focal feature by concentrating on just one species of plant, such as water lilies or lotuses.

Depending on the sizes of the water features, one or more water lilies – such as Nymphaea Hermine or Nymphaea Hybride Red Flare — make for a stunning color display.

Pairing Patio Water Features with Fire Pits

10. Above Ground PoolsEven the most mundane water features are instantly dressed up with the complementary yet concurrently starkly opposite reflection of a flame.

HGTV explains how this unlikely and yet harmonious pairing of the elements thrives on the effect as a whole, even as the overall décor of the individual components do not necessarily matter quite as much.

Filtered and Aerated Water Feature Ideas: Goldfish

GoldfishNot quite the koi pond that is common when landscaping with water features, this tabletop setting nevertheless capitalizes on the appeal of these little fish as they flit about a generously apportioned bowl.

Remember that cats and wild animals are not above chasing down their dinner from your patio pool; please protect the little animals from predators, make sure their basic needs are met and their antics are sure to entertain you for years to come.

Decorative Ideas Involving Feng Shui

Feng ShuiPatio water features can be combined with basic Feng Shui tips to provide the harmony you seek after. A good example is the tabletop waterfall against a backdrop of wood furniture and perhaps a fire pit.

As such, the decoration of the water feature is less the rocks or plants that adorn it and more the surroundings that complement it.

Decorating Ideas for the Complete Out-of-the-Box Setup

Decorating IdeasIn some cases, patio water features are small and come out of the box already with a premeasured and predetermined amount of decorations.

Even though it is possible to mix and match, consider using lighting to add that personal touch to the deck décor.

For example, some water features come with a number of colored lenses that the consumer may place over the interior lighting. Make good use of this option, and do not be afraid to frequently change it in keeping with seasons, mood or ‘just because.’


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