7 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making at Home

7 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making at Home
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No matter how bad of a cleaning freak you are, chances are that you’re missing out on a lot of unnoticed spaces which you believe to be clean.

Here are 7 cleaning mistakes that you’ve been making all this time (And how to fix those mistakes).

1. You’re Using Your Vacuum Cleaner Wrong

1. You’re Using Your Vacuum Cleaner WrongMany of us are using our vacuum cleaners wrong which affects their efficiency and ultimately how our house is cleaned.

For example, you don’t check the bag and keep vacuuming when it’s full. This weakens your vacuum cleaner’s suction.

Secondly, people don’t use the attachments for their designated purpose, which increases your cleaning time instead of saving you some.

Similarly cleaning with a dirty filter also fails to collect dirt and debris properly. Changing the filter every 6 months gives better cleaning results.

Besides improper usage, a lot of people are using outdated equipment as well.

There are advanced vacuum cleaners available that use AirLOC technology and bagless vacuuming to give you the best results. If you’re looking to upgrade your vacuum cleaner, consider reading this GTech Air Ram Review.


2. Pre-Washing Dishes before Putting them in Dishwasher

2. Pre-Washing Dishes before Putting them in DishwasherHave you also been told that rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher makes them cleaner? Well, guess what, it’s all in your head.

The only thing that needs to be done before placing them in the dishwasher is to scrape off food particles that may stick to your dishwasher.

The rinse-only option is the perfect alternative for manually rinsing them. Not only does this save you the effort but makes dishwashing all the more efficient and hassle-free.


3. You’re Cleaning Pet Hair Wrong

3. You’re Cleaning Pet Hair WrongNow while everyone believes that using a lint roller is the perfect way to free your sofas and bedding of pet hair, we believe otherwise.

While this might be a good idea when dealing with a few pet hair, lint rollers are no good when it comes to cleaning a handful of pet hair.

A way more efficient way is to use damp rubber gloves. Simply rub the damp gloves on the surface and watch the hair stick to the gloves without tiring out your arm.


4. No Dusting before Vacuuming

4. No Dusting before VacuumingIf you will dust after you’ve vacuumed your room, then you’ll only be spreading more dust in the room and on the cleaned floors, making it dirty like before again.

The idea is to collect the dust on the floor before you clean with your vacuum cleaner.

Unlike feather dusters and brooms, vacuum cleaners don’t spread dust around, rather suck it in, which is why you should always dust before vacuuming.


5. You’re Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

5. You’re Using the Wrong Cleaning ProductsUse your brains and the internet to see which cleaning products are suitable for what places. Look for ingredients before you buy the product and see if it goes with the material you’re planning on cleaning with it.

This way you save your surfaces from being damaged as well as money that you’ll be wasting on these products.

If you are still not sure, ask experts like Shine Cleaning Solutions for help with all your cleaning-related problems.


6. Using the Same Rag Everywhere

6. Using the Same Rag EverywhereWhile this might seem like the efficient way, using the same rag is a bad idea! This means you drag on the grime and dirt from the previous room to the next.

Now you might be using the strongest cleaning solutions to wring it in, you can’t rule out the chances of some bacteria and germs still sticking to the rag.

To prevent germ spread-out, you can always use a different microfiber cloth for different rooms in your house. Or at least keep one for each kind of room (i.e. bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen).


7. Not Letting the Toilet Brush Dry

7. Not Letting the Toilet Brush DryOne of the grossest things you’ve been doing is putting your wet toilet brush back into its holder without letting it dry.

The moisture and germs get trapped back in the holder which is the breeding ground for germs.

Therefore, you must let the toilet brush set and dry to minimize germs production.


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