A Little Introduction to Fire Pits

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What is it that holds the fascination for people when it comes to fire pits?

They represent man’s mastery in containing fire for his own use. The containment and use of fire brought about profound changes for mankind. With the advent of this type of controlled burning, early man now had more time to spend in one place.

Cooking around stone pits meant that humans now could fashion tools, lengthen their waking hours, develop more complex hunting strategies and cooperative ventures, and may have indirectly led to the development of speech.

It’s quite astounding to think about the impact that a simple permanent fire pit may have had and man’s development. Therefore it’s small wonder of the fascination that they currently hold for people throughout the world.

backyard patioWhether one attempts to recreate a stone fire pit like our ancestors or purchases a more sophisticated containment unit such as a portable model, there can be no doubt that this fulfills some primordial drive within us.

One can only imagine an early man sitting around a blazing fire near a sandy area and then eventually discovering that the intense heat had melted some of the silica sand and created a sort of glazed material — the genesis of glass!

It’s not surprising that people’s connection to fire pits continues to be strong. The flames soothe the human spirit allowing the pit to become an avenue for relaxation therapy.

Are fire pits expensive?

backyard patioThe answer to this question is yes and no.

Depending upon how elaborate one wants to become, they can range from using or recycling existing materials for minimal or no cost to purchasing a more elaborate system for hundreds of dollars.

Materials must adhere to local regulations

backyard patioOf course for the real enthusiast, there are additional things to consider. For instance, should a fire pit be the focal point of a stone or brick patio?

Other considerations maybe the addition of a fire pit table or bench to add convenience to the experience. One aspect that cannot be dismissed is that of fire pit safety. This has to go into the planning regardless of what type is selected.

Fire pits are one of the best backyard ideas homeowners and especially many senior citizens make to their outdoor living space.

Not only can they make better use of the open spaces of their property but the solitude of a cozy fire with one’s partner in invaluable.


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