Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeover Tips

Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeover Tips
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Creating an urban oasis in your own backyard is a homeowner’s dream. A posh, fragrant yard is relaxing and inviting, but sprucing up your yard can be a costly endeavor.

Using creativity, resourcefulness, and spending time instead of money will stretch your project budget.

These tips will help you save money on the most expensive aspects – materials, labor, tools, and plants, of doing a backyard makeover.

Budget Backyard Makeover: Free Gardening Materials and Décor in Your Community

Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeover TipsFreecycle.org lists free materials available in your community. Members give away items they no longer want or need such as garden statuary, tools, plants, and patio furniture.

The condition of the freebies varies, so be sure to read the description carefully before accepting an item.

Budget Backyard Makeover: Use Free Landscaping Labor

Budget Backyard Makeover: Use Free Landscaping LaborHiring a landscape professional is expensive, but bartering labor is a free alternative. You can spend a few hours helping a friend or neighbor complete his landscaping tasks. Both of you can work on your yard tasks the following weekend.

If you need to complete a series of small tasks, ask family and friends for help. You can throw a backyard barbecue or ice cream party to reward their efforts.

Budget Backyard Makeover: Rent or Borrow Expensive Tools

Budget Backyard Makeover: Rent or Borrow Expensive ToolsBuying expensive tools, such as a stump grinder, is a poor investment because it will not get regular use. Save money by using a tool rental service instead.

Borrowing tools is another way to stay on budget and avoid storing tools. Check to see if your city has a tool lending library for residents.

Budget Backyard Makeover: Free or Cheap Garden Plants and Seeds

Eco-FriendlyFree seeds are a popular Earth Day giveaway. Browse the Internet to find these freebies each April.

Several mail-order nursery companies offer free or reduced products right before the planting season. Request a catalog or join their e-mail newsletter to receive coupon offers and sale information.

The local home improvement stores are frequently overstocked and reduce plant prices as a result. Squelching weather often pushes a price reduction in an effort to sell the plants before they languish in the lot’s blistering sun.

Budget Backyard Makeover: Repurpose Household Castoffs

Budget Backyard Makeover: Repurpose Household CastoffsUse green gardening information and recycling tips to spruce up your backyard without spending too much money.

Trash to treasure project ideas shows you how to transform unwanted items, such as scrap wood, old headboards, or broken furniture, into beautiful, original works of yard art. Browse online or visit the library to get project instructions.

Relaxing at home and hosting social gatherings in your backyard is a great way to save money without sacrificing fun. Completing a budget-friendly backyard makeover will set the scene to enjoy your yard all season long.


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