Building a Fire Pit with Standard Sized Bricks

Building a Fire Pit with Standard Sized Bricks
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Fire pits allow you to enjoy time outside on a cool evening without getting too cold and also allow you to cook things over a fire- such as s’mores- without going on a camping trip.

Building your own fire pit isn’t too difficult, but it will take a lot of time to get the bricks set just right. Plan on creating a square or rectangular-shaped pit to hold the structure best.

Place the bricks in a staggered pattern, like you would a brick wall, to allow for better strength and structure of the overall pit.

Keep in mind, the exact amount of materials you’ll need will depend upon the overall shape of your fire pit, and the desired width and height.


  1. Tape measure
  2. Shovel
  3. Bricks
  4. Gravel
  5. Level
  6. Rubber mallet
  7. Masonry adhesive
  8. Trowel
  9. Tamper

Steps to build a backyard fire pit from standard bricks

Steps to build a backyard fire pit from standard bricksPosition your fire pit far enough away from flammable objects, about 20 feet away from structures and hanging tree branches, but near a water source in case of emergency.

Dig out the length and width of your desired fire pit, going about 6 inches down from the surface of your soil or lawn.

Fire pits are commonly between 36 and 44 inches across; this size makes it easy for people to converse across them and doesn’t take up too much room in the yard.

Steps to build a backyard fire pit from standard bricksDig a small trench out – the width of your bricks–around the inside border of your fire pit hole, pour a thin layer of gravel into the trench and smooth the gravel by hand.

Place the first layer of your bricks on top of the gravel and set the level across the bricks. Gently tap bricks with a rubber mallet to make adjustments.

Steps to build a backyard fire pit from standard bricksApply a thin layer of masonry adhesive to the bottom of your second layer of bricks. Don’t apply the adhesive to the ends of the bricks, this allows for better airflow into the fire pit.

Position the bricks in an overlapping pattern, so that the ends of the bricks don’t line up with the bottom layer; this adds more stability to the fire pit.

Steps to build a backyard fire pit from standard bricksPour about 3 inches of gravel into the center of the fire pit after your third layer of bricks. Tap the gravel down with a tamper or the back of a shovel, and continue with your bricklayers.

The gravel helps add stability to the base of the fire pit and helps with drainage.

Ensure that your fire pit walls are level and plumb as you work your way around the fire pit. Place your level on top of the bricks, and the side of the wall; adjust the bricks with the mallet as necessary.

Stop building the fire pit when it reaches between 12 to 18 inches off the ground. Most fire pits stand low to the ground.

Allow the masonry adhesive to set before applying pressure to the wall, or starting a fire.

Few more Tips

Steps to build a backyard fire pit from standard bricksConsider creating a decorative topper to the fire pit by turning the top layer of bricks at a 90-degree angle, so that the bricks poke outward like spokes on a tire.

Apply the masonry adhesive to the bottom and sides of the bricks so that the structure is more stable.


Call your local fire authorities about fire safety questions, and for information on when you should or shouldn’t light a fire in your pit.


Common FAQs Answered

Can you use normal bricks for a fire pit?

Fire pits are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have a nice evening with friends and family. You can create your own fire pit by using bricks, but should you use normal bricks?

No, you should not use normal bricks for a fire pit. Normal bricks do not have the necessary heat retention properties that are needed to keep the fire going for long periods of time. The best type of brick to use is called "firebrick." Firebricks are made from clay and other materials which make them more durable and resistant to high temperatures.

What size blocks for fire pit?

A fire pit is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it is important to consider the size of the blocks when building one. This article will discuss how to figure out the right size for your fire pit.

Step 1:

The first step is to measure your fire pit opening. You want this opening to be wider than the blocks you are using so that they don’t fall in when you are stacking them. For example, if you have an opening that measures 12 inches wide, then you would need blocks that are at least 16 inches wide.

Step 2:

The next step is to measure the depth of your fire pit. You want this depth to be at least 6 inches deep so that there is enough room for the wood inside it.

Can you use any block for a fire pit?

No, you should not use any block for a fire pit. You should use a heat-resistant block that will not melt or crack when it comes into contact with the flame.


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