Choosing the Right Outdoor Fire Pit

Choosing the Right Outdoor Fire Pit
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As the weather crisps downward a little bit, most of us reach for the light jackets and seem to crave a good fire. I am not sure what the appreciation of outdoor fires is attributed to.

Maybe sitting by the campfire exudes happy childhood campout memories embracing a good sing-along over a s’more or two.

That is only the beginning. The smell of sweet fruit wood burning with the crackling sound of the fire should be enough to sway a decision whether to purchase an outdoor fire pit.

Choosing an outdoor fire pit is no snap quick decision. There are several styles and models of fire pits to choose from.

When purchasing an outdoor fire pit you must consider such options as mobility, durability, and size.


Choosing the Right Outdoor Fire PitMost patio fire pits are portable enough to be moved around. Whether these pits are ceramic, copper, cast iron, or metal they offer the ability to relocate when and where appropriate.

The smaller patio pits are even convenient enough to take along to the beach or parks. There are those fire pits that will not allow such relocation such as natural gas fire pits that have a gas line attached.

In-ground fire pits are also a permanent fixture in the yard, so think twice about installing this type of pit if you have doubts about wanting a sizable hole in your backyard for years to come.


Choosing the Right Outdoor Fire PitMost fire pits manufactured these days are quite durable. With increased durability comes the increase in price. Keep your options open to the cast iron or ceramic varieties if you fear potential rust and weathering.

The copper models can be very beautiful and make your patio look more elegant, though they will begin to tarnish after heavy use and weather extremes.

The in-ground fire pits prove durable as well since the fire zone is lined with brick or stone. The pit will prove heat and cold-resistant for years to come.


Choosing the Right Outdoor Fire PitThe cast iron, metal, and copper fire pits usually are either rectangular or bowl-shaped with a fire screen included. These pits are usually just the right size to place on the corner of your patio. Many of these fire pits also include cooking options.

Size is important when shopping for a fire pit. If you have patio size restraints you may want to opt for a small copper bowl or a chimney terra cotta style fire pit.

Those that like to entertain outside frequently may prefer a larger outdoor heat source and select the cast iron pit or in-ground pit capable of bonfires.

If burning wood is a no-no in your neighborhood, then you may opt for a larger gas-fueled fire pit.

The selection of your fire pit of choice depends also on your price limitations as well as your preferred style. The convenience of gas-powered fire pits seems very attractive, though one must consider the hidden cost tacked on to the gas bills as well as potential spikes in gas prices in the often-volatile energy market.

While the differences in makes and models of fire pits may be extreme, the enjoyment level will be the same for all types.

Just make sure the fire pit purchase includes the marshmallows for toasting and everyone is careful around the fire.


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