Do you need portable fire pit?

Do you need portable fire pit?
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Don’t you just love every new thing you add to your home? Sure, you love the draperies and the rugs, and the placemats.

But, when it comes to substantial things, like a new patio set and new deck chairs, those are the things you really love, true?

Those are things that you hope to keep for a long, long time, no matter how often you change the look of the bedding or the curtains.

Substantial, new belongings are often so much more expensive than the decorative touches you add later.

But there’s one nice piece that you can create for your home, without spending a lot of money, and you’ll be able to use the piece for many years.

Do you need portable fire pit?A portable fire pit is a nice addition to a deck or patio on a chilly night, but can also create a warm glow on a bedroom nightstand, or even in the kitchen. It’ll be one new thing you absolutely love.

When I see projects involving metal, glass, and wire, I generally run the other way. If you have a similar way of thinking, don’t run yet.

You’ll find it really easy to build the portable fire pit and you won’t need power tools. It doesn’t even take very long to build it so, by tonight – if it’s chilly outside – you can sit on the patio, deck, or elsewhere, and enjoy it.

What makes a good portable fire pit?

What makes a good portable fire pit?A metal box is perfect for making the base of the portable fire pit and a good place to find one is at a home and garden store.

A metal, cube-like planter will make a fabulous fire pit that you can pick up and move to any location that you desire. The box should be one that has a wide lip around the top.

What metal is best for portable fire pit?

What metal is best for portable fire pit?Before actually choosing the metal box you want to use for the fire pit it’s a good idea to choose the glass pieces you will use. If you can find a metal box that matches the size of a picture frame, you can save a lot of money to make the fire box.

Look at diploma frames, or other large frames, at a dollar-theme store. One of the glass pieces from the frame should be the same size as one side of the metal box.

Use clear silicone to glue four picture frame glass pieces together, to make a glass box. The box will have four sides, but no top or bottom. When the silicone has set, stack the glass box on top of the metal box.

Use a metal grate, or stiff screen – from a barbecue grill, a toaster oven, an old screen door, or other source, and lay it over the top of the metal box, inside the glass.

First, set a can of gel fuel in the bottom of the metal box, in the center, and then put the grate over it. The gel fuel should be the type made for fireplaces, not the type made for cooking.

Set rocks all over the grate, but leave a small opening between the rocks, right above the gel fuel. Use a long match to light it, sit back, and enjoy.


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