Five Ways to Spruce Up a Backyard Pool

Five Ways to Spruce Up a Backyard Pool
Five Ways to Spruce Up a Backyard Pool
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Enjoying a backyard pool involves more than just finding ways to have fun in the pool.

The outdoor experience should include details that can add to the overall experience making it a truly enjoyable time for all.

These simple tips can make your backyard pool a fun place to hang out all summer long.

1. Create a pool garden.

Backyard PoolAdding some life around the backyard pool adds to the relaxing feel of the area and can also make the air cleaner.

If you have an above-ground pool with dirt and grass growing around it, try boxing the pool in using stone pavers, bricks, or natural rock to create a frame.

Then fill the framed area around the pool with gravel and concrete squares. Place potted plants or statues on the squares and you have instantly created an oasis around your backyard pool.

Alternately you can plant directly into the dirt before adding the gravel.

Be sure to use plants that need little maintenance and will last for years. Hosta plants are ideal and look lovely around any backyard pool.

Backyard PoolIf you have an in-ground pool or just don’t want to dig up the dirt around the sides of your backyard pool you can easily create a garden using potted plants and concrete square bases.

Setting up lattice around the pool can also support vine plants that will camouflage the walls of any backyard pool making it more attractive.


2. Create a pool workout routine

Backyard PoolWhether you invite friends over for a fun backyard pool workout or decide to do it solo, introducing a fun exercise routine using the pool will add fun to your summer.

There are many different exercises that are designed for the pool and some are actually quite strenuous.

Water-based exercise is also quite debilitating and can really strengthen core muscles. Try holding on to the sides of the pool to lift your legs and complete push-ups or other exercises such as kicks.

Pilates is an especially fun routine in the pool and there are even specialty kits designed for backyard pool use. Most are available online and can be used year after year. Running in the water is also quite therapeutic and can burn calories fast.

Be sure your feet never touch the ground when you simulate running in the pool if you want to get the most out of the workout.


3. Create privacy

Backyard PoolNo one wants to go swimming in a backyard pool that overlooks the neighbor’s yard just a few feet away. Adding privacy to your pool area can range from building expensive stone walls to planting natural barriers.

Another easy way to quickly add some privacy to your backyard pool is to put up bamboo or wooden screens. If you do not have a deck or your pool is above ground, consider installing support posts to attach the screens or lattice to.

The posts will elevate the screens so that they stand tall enough to cover the pool area. Furthermore, adding plants to the border of the screen will enhance the natural look.


4. Create a relaxing spa

Backyard PoolTurning your pool area into a relaxing spa environment is easy and can usually be done with little to no resources.

If the backyard pool area picks up a lot of noise from the neighbors or street, the first thing to do is to create an ambiance with sound.

The backyard pool area should have a naturally relaxing sound such as running water or birds singing. If you have a sound system installed, play nature sounds cd over the speakers.

Otherwise, you can simply bring your radio outdoors and place it in an area near the pool. Most bookstores and music shops sell these types of CDs. Trying to naturally create the sound of running water can also be done by installing a waterfall pond nearby in the backyard.

These require a lot of work so make sure you are prepared for the responsibility. Add candles to the perimeter of the backyard pool to further enhance the spa effect and try purchasing some natural mineral salts specifically designed for use in chlorine-based backyard pools.


5. Have friends over

Backyard PoolWhile it may sometimes be enjoyable to relax on your own in your backyard pool, inviting friends over for a pool party or day can really bring out the most in your pool.

Pools were meant to be enjoyed and used, so why not create a place where everyone feels welcomed? Inviting a few friends to participate in your regular pool workout will help you stay on track.

If you notice one of your buddies is particularly stressed, invite him or her over for some relaxation and you’ll both be grateful for it.

Nothing soothes the soul like relaxing in your own backyard pool with a friend.


How do I get more inviting around my pool?

Pool safety is a common concern for many homeowners. The best way to make your pool safe is to make it inviting.

Some ways to make your pool more inviting are:

- Adding a fence around the perimeter of the pool

- Adding lights

- Adding an outdoor living area

- Installing an alarm system

How can I make my above ground pool look better?

Above ground pools are great for people who don't want to spend a lot of time and money on a pool. But they do have their disadvantages such as the lack of space, high price, and maintenance. But don't worry! We have some tips for you to make your pool look better!

1) Have a deck around the pool or decking at the edge of the pool. This will not only make it easier to get in and out of the pool but also give your guests more room to move around.

2) Add some flowers or other plants around the edge of the pool which will make it more aesthetically pleasing. You can also add some decking that has flowers or other plants on them which will help with this too!

3) Add an outdoor kitchen area near that's perfect for summertime grilling

How do you make an old pool look modern?

There are many ways to modernize an old pool. One of them is to replace the tiles with new ones. Another way is to paint the pool with a different color. You can also install a water feature or even put in LED lighting for that extra touch of modernity.

How do I spruce up my backyard pool?

The first step in sprucing up your backyard pool is to add some color to the water. You can do this by adding a little food coloring to the pool water.

There are also many other ways you can add color to your pool, such as adding a few drops of paint or even adding some colored sand.


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