Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget
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Going home is one of the best feelings at the end of a grueling day at work after an exhausting long meeting with a client and after being stressed out by the pollution outside.

A home is described to be a place where an individual or a family resides. It may be permanent or temporary, and it could be a palace, a mansion, duplex, or a single-door apartment.

If we look into the deeper meaning of it, we will see that a home is not just a place to live in. It is a venue of wonderful memories to be celebrated, our sanctuary during the night, and a storm and space that lets us rest comfortably. There are lots of benefits we can get from having a home. That is why shelter is part of the first and basic necessities in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Needs.

For us, humans to live, we need love, care, protection and development. A home or a house also requires these essentials to remain standing still.

Our home is said to be a reflection of ourselves. It mirrors our personalities, preferences, and the way we live, and just like how we take of ourselves, we should also see to it that our home is maintained and improved. Thus, we are going to talk about home improvement tips especially if you have a limited budget.

Here are some of the Home Improvement tips for people with a little budget

1. Make proper assessments

Make proper assessmentsWhen planning to start a project with a limited or tight budget, proper assessment is very important, for it will influence the course of a successful home renovation. The first thing that needs assessment is the master of the House or simply the homeowner. Here are some questions to begin with;

What is my purpose for this Home Improvement Project?

If this is answered with clarity, then go for renovation because you have already created the backbone of the project. The stronger we believe in our purpose, the higher the success rate because we will stand against the wave of odds.

Is there a reality in the funds I set for this project?

This is another crucial question that needs to be answered. Making a realistic computation in setting a budget is the main concern here. There are times we calculate our costs too low just to say that we are on par with our budget when in reality, it is the opposite that happens.

When things go wrong, My Plan “B” is?

Don’t forget to plan for the unexpected. It is wiser to prepare for these covered obstacles than to assume a perfect and smooth sailing journey. Having at least 10-20% extra fund from the original budget is more of relief rather than impeded completion because of a 5% shortage in funds.

2. Call a friend

Home Improvement Ideas on a BudgetA friend or family is a lifeline who is there for us to help in times of need. There are times that they may not be fit to help us, but they have other friends, families, colleagues, and contacts to refer us.

These connections that we build can be our allies during difficulties. You can have a discount on a handyman shop of your uncle’s best friend.

Maybe your friend from your senior high years is now an interior designer and is willing to give free professional advice. The larger your connections, the more helping hands you’ve got.

3. Study about making a loan

Home Improvement Ideas on a BudgetWhen it comes to finances, a LOAN can also be your friend. It is permission to borrow and use the money for a certain period of time that is expected to be repaid. Understanding the terms and condition is essential before any commitments. Here are some of the most commonly used loan terms;

The Borrower – One who borrows money from the lender with a specific purpose. They need to be responsible for repaying the loan in compliance with the terms of the lender.

The Lender – Is a Group, organization, company or individual that lends money. For example, you can borrow money from your relative or friend. There are also a lot of banks that offer the best home improvement loan just like the ones listed on Crediful. Thus, you have a vast array of options.

Types of Loan – Learning about this will help you choose a suitable loan for you. First is called the SECURED loan, borrowers offer their assets as a form of security with their loan. It is also termed as collateral, and it has lower interest rates, but there are risks of losing an asset in a failure of payment. Next is an UNSECURED loan, there is no collateral involved here. Credibility will be the greatest factor to be approved for this type of loan.

Guarantor – A person that agrees to pay for the loan in case the borrower is not able to make the payment.

Loan Tenure – The amount of time given to complete the payment of a loan

Penalties and fees – Aside from the amount of loan, you’ll also possibly be paying penalties and other fees. It may be due to late payment, processing works, and requirements for a certain loan. You can discuss this further with your lender.

Interest Rate – This is the amount charged by the lender for lending his assets to a borrower. Make sure to understand this very well before an agreement.

It pays to know how it works. Remember the importance of having a backup plan? You may consider adding this to your arsenal.

4. Learn Simple D-I-Y Home Improvement

Home Improvement Ideas on a BudgetThis trick is hitting two birds with one stone; you save money and invest at the same time. You save money on labor cost when doing the tasks yourself instead of hiring someone, and at the same time, you are investing in your knowledge by gaining new experiences from practicing D-I-Y. Listed below are some of the things you can try for your home improvement at a little cost;

Cleaning and Decluttering – You can start this by simply dusting the furniture, accessories, tables, and other appliances, defrost and tidying up that freezer, collecting and throwing the pieces of garbage under your bed, sofa, table, and anywhere you can find one.

It’s also time to let go of the things that are not in good condition and are just piled up and consuming space in our house. One good idea aside from just throwing them away is to sell them as pre-loved items; it can be a source of additional funds for your home improvement.

Lights– A modern lightning system or fancy chandelier can completely change the appearance of the house, but it will require hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make that possible outcome.

However, light is not about being expensive. It is about setting the mood, changing the ambiance of a certain area. Finding the right spot is the key to creating special effects even when using a cheaper light bulb.

Shelves and cabinets – Shelves are the room’s best friends. Have you ever seen a room without shelves? How about a bathroom with no shelves to hold our toiletries? An office or study room that has stacks of books in every corner?

imagine a kitchen that lacks shelves to house the spices, ingredients, cooking utensils. Try to think of a master’s bedroom with king-size bed but without cabinets for your clothes.

Just a thought of it, chaos is the only word that pops up. Don’t let the open spaces in your house be a waste. You can consider making a hanging shelf between spaces, or an additional shoe closet or cabinet at the back of your staircases. A little bit of creativity will be a big help with this one.

Mirror Illusions – Have you experienced looking a little bit fatter in the mirror? Actually, you just look wider and bigger because of the type of mirror and lighting conditions. In the application for home improvements, place a mirror in a small area with good lighting conditions to create an illusion and make it seem much larger, and it is not as expensive as room expansion.

Paint Wisely – Painting is also one of the inexpensive ways to add accent to our homes but only if you choose a single wall. That is why we need the look for the best part of our house to be painted.

5. The best things in life are free

Home Improvement Ideas on a BudgetYes, there is a way to improve our home that is totally free from any charge, spread LOVE and HAPPINESS in your home, what is the essence of a fully renovated home when the ones who live in it are broken.

House Improvements sound very exciting and fun, aren’t they? but it is not just about shopping for new curtains for your windows, choosing new paint color for your bedroom, browsing a catalog for your bed sheets and pillowcases.

taking home the latest sofa bed, picking a modern style chandelier to replace your old-fashioned lightbulb in the living room, and calling your plumber to fix that clogged sink and defective faucet. It is about making it a place where we love to come home over and over again.


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