How to Build a Stone Fire Pit?

How to Build a Stone Fire Pit?
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The unique need for a fire pit can’t be overemphasized. You can create a cozy feeling for yourself and your loved ones, even during chilly weather with this.

In fact, with fire pits, the true beauty of nature is revealed, especially if you’re using it outdoor. This is because there is ample room to move about, chat, play, and have a memorable excellent time.

Nevertheless, procuring a fire pit can be costly. Besides, several products are of low quality. Of course, if one is not a noob in discreetly opting for the quality product, one may end up devastated.

Nonetheless, with a stone fire pit, you don’t have to pass through the rigors of experiencing many expenses. It’s even more reliable opting for this if you aim to use a fire pit outdoor. How?

This s because you are less prone to paying utility bills, and you’ll rarely encounter the hassle of rust or constant rubbing of Rustoleum before having the privilege to use it.

But instead, it provides you with all the comfort you need to make the funs happen. Although it has some shortcomings, you can determine what size is best for you and how you want it.

Also, just as we stated earlier, stone fire pits are only ideal for patios. Although you can make one indoor too, it might not be safe.

Therefore, before you begin building your stone fire pit, it’s expedient to inquire if the proportion is accepted in the unit you reside in.

Indeed, the Urban Settlement Management can help you out with some details on how to go about it so that your comfort won’t be painful to your neighbors.

Once all these are done, and you’ve been cleared. Here are the systematic steps to imbibe in building a stone fire pit:

8 Things to Consider about How to Build a Stone Fire Pit:

1. Personal Preparation

  • Wear hand gloves, sunglasses, and shoes for protection reasons.
  • You would need a shovel, garden rake, level, tape rule, sands, hand trowel, and wheelbarrow.
  • Choose the best site to build the stone fire pit.
  • Mark the perfect spot where you prefer the fire pit to be built.
  • Never choose a size that’s close to the bush or dried shrubs.
  • However, we advise you to use palletized stones as pavers to construct the fire pit because of its lasting quality.
  • Also, you might need to use some bricks to keep the interior smooth and attractive.
  • You would have to get some cement ready.

2. Planning

Before you begin building your stone fire pit, you’d have to envisage the shape you want your fire pit to look like.

Also, imagine the zenith at which you want the height of the fire pit to be. This would help you to construct the fire pit just to your wants properly.

However, you can only do this once you’ve been clarified by your local govt. to go on with it. Afterward, you can proceed to the next section. Please note that we intend to build a circular fire pit.

3. Measurement

  • Having got the measurement on your mind, it’s expedient that you mark it at the spot that you’re keen on building the fire pit.
  • We employ you to use a piece of rebar to mark the core/center of the measurement.
  • Provided you intend to make a stone fire pit whose diameter is 6 feet with 2 feet thickness, you’d first have to measure a distance of 4ft from the rebar. Afterward, you’d mark it or measure 6ft from the rebar and then proceed with the boundary.
  • Once that’s done, you can use sands to indicate the markings.
  • You can use a barbeque grill to have an insight on what the size of the pit should be.

4. Mix the Cement

Here are tips on how to mix your cement before flooring it at the spot:

  • The necessary materials that you need are water, sand, cement, and gravel.
  • Ensure that you use smooth sand and mix it with the gravels.
  • Make sure that they are well mixed before you level the mixture and add your cement to it.
  • Now, mix the cement to the already mixed sand and gravels. Afterward, level it and pour in some water.
  • Gradually pour the water and ensure that the water doesn’t escape.
  • Continually mix the concrete until it becomes soaked. Afterward, you can proceed.

5. Fill the Outer Court with Concrete

Hence, provided you’re using the pre-stated measurement, we advise you to fill the 2 feet detached portion with the concrete.

However, we hope you can recall that from the center where the rebar is hammered to the sand is 4ft and from the sand to the extreme is 2 ft.

Ensure that you smoothen the surface with the level. You have to judiciously carry out this activity so that the soaked concrete wouldn’t abruptly run dry.

Of course, you don’t have to fill the whole court with the entire concrete. Make sure that you reserve some for building the bricks.

6. Lay the Bricks and Stones

You can use a wheelbarrow to move the stones from the site to where they are needed for use. Also, make the bricks available to make the work easy. Now that you’ve provided all the required materials, you can now begin to lay the blocks on the mortar.

Ensure that the stones are laid behind the bricks. And each of the bricks and stones is to be placed side by side to each other with a small space between them.

Notwithstanding, ensure that you scrape the residual off the walls while raising the walls. Please note that you have to apply the bed of mortar layer before stacking another brick or stone upon their respective pavers.

7. Complete the Fire Pit

Raise the walls of the fire pit to your desired height. Once you’ve done that, you can plaster the mortars right at the top and level it, just as you’ve been doing from the inception.

Then, lay flat, smooth stone on the top of the fire pit. Utilizing tiles would be far better.

8. Create a Sitting Space

Now that you’ve fully built the fire pit, make a ring round the fire pit. Fill the ring with gravels or sands. Besides, you can choose to fill the fire pit with sand to make it admirable and easy to use. You can top the sand with ashes and charcoal.


The article just enumerated how to build a stone fire pit with ease, even as a beginner. It highlighted the undiluted steps that an individual is bound to encounter before he/she can make a superb stone fire pit. Not only did it highlighted them, it simply tutors users on how to manage it by themselves.

Of course, this is a reliable piece of information that anyone can discreetly utilize in making a stone fire pit. Nevertheless, we hope that how amiable readers have got all that they are searching for.


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