How to clean patio pavers and make them look like new?

How to clean patio pavers and make them look like new?
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Using a paver to decorate your outdoors areas is great because they require very little maintenance. However, you can’t let them stay dirty for too long because they might not look attractive later. Cleaning your pavers on a regular basis is advisable.

Pavers on patios are bound to break down over time and with this use, and you’ll need some regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. After a period of time they might gain marks or stains but these won’t be permanent.

In this article, you’ll see all the ins and outs on how to get your pavers looking spick & span again without too much hassle. You can then ensure they’re in tip-top shape for your next BBQ!

A step-by-step of how to clean patio pavers

How to clean patio pavers and make them look like new?This is a standard light cleaning that you can do every now and then or more frequently if your pavers start to look different than you’d like.

What You will need:

  • A Mild Dish Detergent
  • A Stiff Bristled Broom

Preparation for patio paver cleaning

Preparation for patio paver cleaningMake sure there are no furniture or plants by your patio. They’re going to get moved out of the way while you clean today, so it’s best to make sure they aren’t blocking any of the cleaning supplies from moving through.

It is important to clear away any moss or weeds that may have grown on the pavement, as well as pull out any weeds that are growing in between paving joints.

To help you stop having weed-related problems, please refer to our guide on the best soil mixture for paver joints: Which Sand is Best for Paver Joints?. It contains plenty of useful and interesting information and includes a few pictures to make the article more engaging.

Preparation for patio paver cleaningThe next step is to wet the surface of the pavers with water from a hose. You don’t need to power wash them, it’s just important that they are moist so that you won’t be wasting your cleanser, which might otherwise become soaked up by the paver and film over everything.

Next, prepare the cleaning solution. For this, we’ll need a safe cleanser that won’t discolor your pavers or anything. Pour a gallon of water and 16 oz of soap into a bucket. Done!

You’ll want to start on the patios.

Cleaning the patio pavers

Cleaning the patio paversTo clean your patio pavers, pour the cleaner onto a small section at a time. Scrubbing with the stiff broom will help loosen dirt and stains. Always scrub in different directions to avoid wearing out the surface of your paving stones.

Once you’re done spraying down your patio, rinse the cleaning solution off into a drain.

Bringing in real power

If you can’t get all the grime and debris off your pavers with normal soap and water, reach out to professional paver contractors for an expert opinion or additional advice.

Patio pavers can usually be restored, but a professional will make sure you don’t accidentally damage them with strong acids.

Make Your Pavers Brand New Again

You can restore your paver patio with just a few simple changes – it’ll be better for the environment too.

Most Common FAQ answered

Do I need to seal my pavers again after cleaning?

Naturally, cleaning can take off your sealant layer. If you haven’t been paying attention to the condition of your pavers for a while, it may just be that the sealing layer has disappeared for good.

Yes, it's a good idea to seal your pavers again after cleaning. Doing so will provide them with an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Can I seal patio pavers by myself?

Yes, but please do not attempt to unless you are an expert with the right tools. It will require some serious equipment that you probably don’t have at home. You can trust our expert team to do it for you in no time and leave all the hard work to us


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