How to Construct a Fire Pit in Your Southern Home

How to Construct a Fire Pit in Your Southern Home
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Constructing a fire pit southern home garden can be very easy, fast, and it can be a very fun outdoor activity for you and your children. The great thing about a fire pit is that it can be used during any time of the year.

During the summer, enjoy a wonderful barbecue, or through the fall eating hot dogs and homemade s’mores. Having a fire pit in your Southern home is not only enjoyable but adds to the décor of the southern home. With the use of different styles of stone and art, you can make your fire pit stand out.

The first thing you will think about is placing your fire pit in your Southern home

The backyard is probably the best and safest place. The spot that you decide to use should be clean and away from the house, any trees, and kids’ play toys. The next thing you need to do is dig a hole about 1 foot deep with a width of about 4 to 5 feet.

The next step is up to you, but to keep with the look of your southern home we want to add a little extra. Make sure the whole is smooth and clear of rocks. Now to make the pit more appealing to the eye, add a thin layer of gravel or cement. This will allow the fire a smooth and safe burning surface.

The next step would be to line the pit with medium size rocks

How to Construct a Fire Pit in Your Southern HomeAt this point you can use style bricks or any kind of other nonflammable items that can be put around the fire. Many new fire pits use nonflammable tiles to surround the surface around the hole.

The next step is to build the fire in your brand-new fire pit. Use anything from logs brushwood and even coal. Now just sit back and enjoy the hard work of building a fire pit for your southern home.

Some things you want to go and pick up later our log racks and even a log carrier. Some carriers come with wheels which makes moving around the heavy logs easier.

As with a fireplace you want to have a set of tongs and pokers to help you control the fire. And as with anything that’s flammable always have an approved fire extinguisher close by just in case of an emergency.

With your fire pit built you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful new addition to your southern home. Remember to dig deep enough and wide enough to give the fire breathing room. Layer the pit with gravel or cement for safety. And pick up a few accessories just in case of emergencies. And always remember to have your kids under adult supervision whenever the fire is burning.


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