How to Make a Homemade Spice Rack?

How to Make a Homemade Spice Rack?
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Shop for spice racks and you will discover they can be quite expensive, especially when pre-filled with spices. Just because they are higher in price and contain spices does not mean the contents are fresh.

Instead of buying something overpriced that might not contain the highest quality ingredients, make a cheap and easy spice rack.

Everything to create a homemade rack is available online along with free printable labels for fast and easy identification.

Buy Individual Glass Flip-Top Jars

Buy Individual Glass Flip-Top JarsDo not spend upwards of thirty dollars for a ready made rack that lacks some of the most common spices and includes others that will never be used.

Buy individual glass jars that can be filled and personalized with free printable labels to meet your culinary needs.

Perform a search for empty glass spice jars for a homemade rack and a number of options will come up.

Prices currently start at just $1.48 for Olde Thompson brand jars. They include sleek chrome and plastic caps that offer the option to sprinkle or pour out the contents. They would make a fantastic addition to any homemade spice rack.

Print Free Spice Rack Labels Online

Print Free Spice Rack Labels OnlineReady-made labels for a spice rack are available for sale online, but they are not necessary. Look for free printable labels for spice jars. Martha Stewart Crafts offers a number of high-quality easy-to-read free printable labels to complete a homemade spice rack.

Take the time to look around the site. They also offer numerous other free printable items. offers dozens of superb free printable spice rack labels. They are available with a wood-look background, a red linen background, and much more.

Take a look at the free printable options this site has to offer, and complete a homemade rack with clearly marked, professional looking labels.

Use a Small Countertop Turntable as a Rack

Use a Small Countertop Turntable as a RackWhen looking for a rack to hold filled spice bottles, use a small one or two-tiered turntable. Place the most commonly used jars around the outer edges, and use the top center tier to hold a larger container of dehydrated onions or another herb or spice used most often.

With a turn of the rack, specific varieties will be easy to find on the countertop, and the spices will be fresh and exactly what you want and use the most.


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