How to Make a Portable Grill Top for a Fire Pit?

Portable Grill Top
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So, now that you have built a fire pit, you are probably going to want to grill some food over it.

This is a simple way of making a portable grill top for cooking over an open fire pit using only two products.

What you will need?

Portable Grill TopqFirst you’re going to need an old metal TV tray and then some steel cable. You can usually find the steel cable at a bike shop; it’s what they use to connect the brakes to the handle grips.

First Step

Now that you have gathered your item, you’re ready to begin. First of all, take the top off of the tray and discard of it (you’re not going to need it anymore). Now that your left with only the foldable frame, lay it flat on the ground.

Second Step

For this next step, you’re going to need to find a drill and a drill bit that is slightly larger than the diameter of the cable. Leave the frame laying flat and place a mark with a pencil of marker, about every inch on the side of the frame, but only along the top.

Third Step

Next, take the drill and make a hole all the way through in every location that you marked off. With the holes drilled out, next take a file and smooth out any sharp edges that may have been created by the drill.

Fourth Step

Now you’re ready to start threading the holes with the steel cable. First spread the legs apart on the frame so that the top is about 24″-30″ apart. To start the cable, you will need to find a screw that is slightly larger than the holes you created earlier.

Wrap the cable around the top of the screw, just under the head and drive the screw into the first hole. Now, just start threading the cable through each hole and end it the same that you started it with the screw.

That’s it

Portable Grill Topyou’re all done and ready to start grilling food over your open fire pit. I would recommend using aluminum foil over the steel cables, to keep food from getting stuck in between the strands of steel. Also, don’t use a cable that has any sort of coating or insulation on it. This is something that could become poisonous once it’s heated and begins to melt.


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