How to Start a Fire in a Fire Pit in 2 Minutes?

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How to Start a FireIf you’re not a noob when it comes to fire pits, you probably may find it difficult to set up the fire for the very first time. In fact, you’d want to at first consider whether your systematic approach is safe or not.

Therefore, all these may catalyze the quest to search on starting a fire in a fire pit. But guess what? We’ve got you on this as we provide you with beneficial and reliable tips to build a fire in your fire pit at ease. However, it’s paramount for us to lay the bases of this subject.

Fire pits can be used either indoors or outdoor, although some products can be used for both. Of course, this factor has to be considered while lighting the fire pit. Why? This is for safety reasons.

Apparently, you don’t have to be perplexed about how you can differentiate between products that can be used indoor and those that can’t. All you have to do is observe the design; fire pits used indoors don’t have holes at the center of their bowls, while those that are specifically used outdoor have.

Although the former can be used both indoor and outdoor, the latter are seldom heavyweight. In fact, those used indoors are not made with water-resistant material like the latter, which can reliably be used outdoors.

In a nutshell, users must use the best fire pit for the best vicinity to prevent mishaps. Afterward, users can now utilize these systematic steps in building a fire inside their fire pits once this has been considered.

8 Things to Consider to Start a Fire in a Fire Pit?

1. Availability of Equipment

To easily light up the fire pit, you’d have to make ready the tinder, matches, wood, and the fire pit itself.

The complete availability of these pieces of equipment would evacuate sluggishness and incompetency from your work. It would ensure that you easily reach out to each of the pieces whenever you need them.

Of course, matches are the best lighting equipment in homes, while lighter fluid can optionally be used outdoors depending on the weather condition of the place at a point in time.

The tinder, on the other hand, comprises of twigs, lightweight sticks, and papers. You can use papers for indoors while twigs and others can be used for outdoors. Why? Because of air pollution.

2. Preparation

Once you’ve made ready the lighting pieces of equipment, here are what to do next:

  • Provided you’re using the fire pit outdoors, ensure that there are no dry bushes nearby.
  • Get available the fire poker and the fire screen to ensure that the fire pit is safe.
  • Provided you’re using a fire pit with a hole at the center. Then you’d have to lay a flat plain material on the floor to trap the embers and ashes.
  • Place the fire pit in the most appropriate position.
  • Provided you’re using the fire pit for the first time. You’re to ensure that the fire pit’s internal part is dried. However, if you’ve used it once or twice, then you’d have to reduce the number of ashes in the fire pit (if it’s hole-less).
  • If the ashes in the fire pit are wet, then you’d have to remove them and replace them with dry ones.
  • Afterward, cut the twigs, dried leaves, and sticks into fitting sizes.

3. 1st Step

In a case whereby paper is scarce, you can make dry leaves available instead. What you’re going to do is that you’d gather the dry leaves inside the bottom part of the bowl. Then, stack some twigs upon the dry leaves or paper to easily build a fire.

Furthermore, the best way to do this is by allowing the sticks and the twigs to be lying slant against the stacked dry leaves/papers’ walls. By so doing, the fire would be evenly spread across the whole stacked dry leaves/papers. Notwithstanding, ensure that you’re holding some twigs in your hands also.

4. 2nd Step

Of course, the arrangement must be at the center of the fire pit, regardless of the type you’re using. Therefore, set the dry leaves/papers on fire and gradually adjust the twigs around the fire to preserve the fire.

Do this continually, then add some plywood or any other lightweight wood (kindlers). Nevertheless, ensure that the woods are cut into sizes before adding the main logs into the fire pit.

Provided your fire pit has a grate right at the top of the beneath, which you can comfortably use to support cooking pots or food while roasting, then, you should be mindful of the patio of the grate to make the replacement of woods easy.

5. 3rd Step

As a beginner, you might find it difficult to set the right part of the logs on fire properly. Nonetheless, here are a few helpful tips that would help you to sustain the fire:

  • Make sure that the wood is not wet and the wood is not too soft.
  • However, choose a hardwood but place the softened part inside the clanking fire.
  • Never cross the wood over the clanking fire, but set the wood’s tip by the edge of the clanking fire.
  • You can optionally put the twigs after you had placed them at the side to intensify the fire.
  • Please note that it’s paramount that coals are already forming in the fire before inserting the hardwoods.

6. 4th Step

At this point, you’d have to vent the fire pit. Indeed, you don’t vent it when the fire is clanking. However, you only vent when the kindling is “dwindling.” While doing this, please ensure that you’re not blowing air into the fire pit with your mouth.

Using a handy lightweight solid material is ideal. You’d be able to sustain the fire by consistently doing this. Definitely, before you know what’s going on, the fire would become steady.

7. 5th Step

Once you’ve found out that the fire has become stable, make sure that you lay the grate and the fire screen on the top of the fire pit to prevent sparks. Of course, always ensure that the fire is not put out but constantly add woods into the fire pit to keep it burning relentlessly.

8. Repetition

You can always use these steps to build a fire in your fire pit. But, if the fire is abruptly put out, you can always fan it to re-ignite the pit. Indeed, you can utilize this piece of information for building fires but indoor and outdoor.


Never spend a whole lot of time endeavoring to build up a fire. However, use the information in this article to get that done in a jiffy. The information is legit and highly reliable for adventurists to utilize.

It enumerated the systematic ways an individual can set up a fire in his/her fire pit. However, we hope that you’ve, at least, learned one or two things that are beneficial. It’s indeed an enjoyable piece.



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