Keep Your Fire Pits Healthy and Happy

Keep Your Fire Pits Healthy and Happy
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As with all personal things, a fire pit needs to be taken care of to stay in great condition.

Thankfully, fire pit maintenance and care is easy compared to a lot of household objects and is not something that requires hard work or a lot of extra time. If fire pit maintenance and care is neglected, your fire pit will not last very long.

This guide is to help you get the most years possible out of your fire pit by regular care and maintenance.

Put the fire out completely before leaving the fire pit

Keep Your Fire Pits Healthy and HappyFirst, shortly after finishing up using your fire pit, ensure the fire is put out completely before leaving. The next day, after the ashes, have cooled down enough to be touched, remove all of them and put them in a sealed container (non-combustible).

You don’t want to start a new fire with the ashes! If your fire pit is made of cast iron, you will have to coat the pit with vegetable oil every 9 to 12 fires. This will prevent rust from forming on the iron.

If you have other types of fire pits, such as cast aluminum or other types of metal fire pits, then you will not have to do this extra step.

Make sure to put out the fire

Make sure to put out the fireSecondly, be sure to not pour water directly onto the hot fire inside the pit in order to put out the fire. This will cause a sudden change in the temperature and will result in breakage and deterioration of the walls of the fire pit.

Always cover up the pit after it has cooled and is no longer in use. This will act as a shield against strong weather. For those who live in heavier winter conditions, you will want to store the fire pit in a dry, covered area.

Never throw anything into the fire pit that may cause explosion

Never throw anything into the fire pit that may cause explosionLastly, remember to always be safe around the fire pit and do not put anything inside the fire that is potentially hazardous or may explode.

Also, items such as plastic should not be placed into the fire pit as it is very hard to clean up and gives off terrible odors.

If you follow these steps in taking care of your fire pit, you will enjoy it for many years. Perform regular maintenance on it as you would to any other major home addition.

The very last thing anyone wants to is to have the bottom drop out of your fire pit, burn everything below and around it, and put family and friends in danger.


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