Making a Backyard Recliner from Used Pallets

Backyard Recliner from Used Pallets
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There were many things that I learned while I was in the Marine Corps. Many of these things had to do with bringing the comforts of home out to the field.

When you are in the middle of a different country, living in tents in the desert or at an abandoned airstrip, you don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Backyard Recliner from Used PalletsOne of these little tricks that you can bring to your home is a simple recliner for your lawn. You can either make the disposable field style chair or add some stain and lacquer for a permanent and attractive piece of furniture for your yard.

Backyard ReclinerIf a bunch of Marines can handle making these in a few minutes, anyone can do the same. The only thing you will need for these chairs is four nails and two pallets.

If you want to get elaborate, you can use one 4′ long 2×4, wood stain and lacquer, and two cushions. Here is how to do it.
Making a Backyard Recliner from Used PalletsIf you do not use the optional 2×4, just pop off the bottom slat of one of the pallets. Cut this slat in half. If you are using the 2×4, cut it in half. Once you have this done, the end of the pallet that is missing is the slat on the ground.

Lean this back to the position that you want your recliner in. Once you have your perfect angle, place the boards that you cut earlier in a position so that the pallet rests on the boards and keeps that angle.

Using two nails per side, attach the boards to the pallet

Backyard ReclinerNow you have the backrest completed. Putting the seat portion together is even simpler. Take the second pallet and put it up against the back. That is all there is to it. You may want to nail the bottom to the top for a more permanent chair.

There are a couple of tips and tricks you can use to make these a little cozier. One option is to remove the bottom slat from both pallets and use a full slat to prop the back. You can then see off the “nubs” left on one of the pallets.

If you are using this method, you can attach the two pallets at a 90-degree angle. On the seat pallet, attach the “nubs” to the bottom front edge to prop it off the ground. You can then attach the two slats to the back piece to keep it stable and upright.

Backyard Recliner from Used PalletsThese are the real deluxe versions that can make attractive lawn furniture. Add a couple of seat cushions to these and you have some designer, wooden chairs for next to nothing.

You can often find pallets for free from places like Craigslist, or by asking some big box stores like Sam’s Club or Costco. Not only is this furniture easy to make, but it is very inexpensive and it saves a lot of trees.

This great recycling idea can not only improve your patio, but it can be a simple source of income as well. They only take about five to ten minutes to make and you can sell them for $20, easily.

The only hard part about these is the stain and lacquer that it takes to make them beautiful. When done, right, most people won’t even realize they are just old pallets either.


How do I make a pallet lounger?

A pallet lounger is a type of chair, usually outdoor furniture, that is made from a wooden pallet. Pallets are often used for this purpose because they are available in many sizes and shapes, often at no cost. The only other supplies needed are some 2x4s for framing and some screws to assemble the pieces together.

The first step in making a pallet lounger is to make sure you have all the necessary materials. You will need two boards that are 8” x 4” or 10” x 5” for framing, four screws, four 2x4s that are 6’ long for legs, One 3/4" plywood sheet cut to size (or any other material you want to use), one 4' x 8' sheet, paint.

How many pallets do you need to make a corner sofa?

This section deals with the question of how many pallets are needed to make a corner sofa.

A pallet is a rectangular wooden frame that is used to transport goods. They are often made up of wood, metal, plastic or paper. Pallets are also used in the manufacturing process and can be found in warehouses and factories.

A corner sofa is a type of furniture that has two sofas placed at right angles to each other, forming a corner in the room where they’re placed. They’re usually made out of soft materials such as leather or fabric and have cushions on them for comfort.

Can you use pallets for outdoor furniture?

Pallets are the perfect material for building outdoor furniture. They are affordable, durable, and easy to find. However, they are not the only option for outdoor furniture. There are other materials that can be used to build outdoor furniture such as wood, metal, or plastic.

Wood is a popular choice for outdoor furniture because it is strong and beautiful. It is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other materials like metal or plastic. However, wood may not be the best option in areas with high humidity or lots of insects because it will rot over time.

Metal is a good choice if you want your furniture to last a long time because it doesn't rot or decay in humid environments like wood does. Metal can also be combined with other materials like plastic which makes it more affordable than pure metal while still retaining its properties.

How do you make a sun lounger out of pallets?

The pallets are laid out in a row. The front two are cut at an angle to make the back of the lounger. The next two are cut at an angle to make the left and right armrests, with the long side of each one facing up. The last two are cut at an angles to make the footrests, with their long side facing up.

The boards that were cut for the back of the lounger are laid on top of each other in a row, so that their short ends face up. They should be placed so they meet in a point in the middle of where they will be attached to form a triangle shape.

The boards used for armrests should be placed on either side of these boards, with their facing the same direction.


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