Pond Landscaping Ideas – How to Start Your Backyard Pond?

Pond Landscaping Ideas - How to Start Your Backyard Pond?
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Have you been dreaming of making your own pond since you were a kid? Did you dig one and get the hose only to find mom or dad standing over you and the water slowly draining into the ground as you filled it?

Now that you can fulfill your landscaping dream on your own land, here are some ideas about how you can do it.

First thing to start with – a nice liner, roll or preformed, to prevent adding water from your house back into the water table.

pondRemember also to consider not only that beautiful location you have in mind but the effect of sunshine and rain. Your pond will be a mini-ecosystem, and the environment around it will affect how much of a role you will play in its balance with nature.

Pearl Sanborn has some excellent suggestions about plants and fish, along with an amazing story about what happened to her fish over the winter!

Pond Landscaping Ideas - How to Start Your Backyard Pond?For plants, she makes the very logical suggestion to observe local natural ponds for plant life, and even – legally – introduce some of those species to your own pond in harmony with your area.

Pearl suggests ‘silo cap’ from the farm store as a cheap liner, perhaps doubled. You can also obtain roll liners, and performed ones from companies such as www.justliners.com, who offer free assistance with your project.

plantsFor both roll liners and preformed, the key is to make sure that the liner rests firmly on the soil underneath. This can mean a few measurements while you dig, and can also involve some packed sand to form the bed.

Rocks, of course, need to be removed or covered over in the process, as appropriate. Care of your liner is key to the longevity of your pond landscaping project!

If you’ve had an indoor aquarium you have some idea of the major concerns of your pond ecosystem over time. Sunlight is the big one, algae love it.

A pump to keep the water circulating can help, too, and you can even use it to power a waterfall feature. Don’t forget tree leaves, which can make a mess and can also change the chemistry of the water.

Finally, before starting, two tips if you’ve got sloping land: remember that water will level itself, so you need to make a pond where the downhill side is high enough to hold a level pool of water.

How to Build a Wading Pool in Your Own Backyard?Also, remember that water is heavy and will push hard on the downhill side of the pond, so make sure it is well designed and shored up, even creating an embankment with wood and stakes or some other support.

Like most landscaping projects, the key is good planning. If you do a good job in the beginning you’ll be able to creatively decorate the pond landscape feature with a stone rim, add fish and plants, create a small sitting garden beside it for relaxation, and watch your pond become a part of the lives of all sorts of creatures as well!

Your beautiful little pond can last for years, but it can also be a great way to learn and experiment.

Affordable materials mean you can get going now, and while you’re enjoying your new pond you can start thinking about pond landscaping ideas for a more advanced plan for the future if you like!


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