Rock Landscaping Ideas Around The House

Rock Landscaping Ideas Around The House
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Landscaping rocks come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and types. Best of all, they are also amazingly cheap. Because of these facts, you can use these rocks in all kinds of unique ways to make your property look amazing.

Some people hire a professional to help them put rocks into their yard décor. However, there is really no need to do that.

If you have even the smallest flair for the creative and can follow some basic tips, you can easily and amazingly incorporate these rocks for an awesome, unique landscaping look.

Knowing Your Options

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designer-gardenBefore we dive in and share creative ideas for using these rocks, it is important to know the different kinds of rocks available and commonly used in yard décor.

While there are tons to choose from, a few good options include:

  • River rocks
  • Beach pebbles
  • Marble stones
  • Terracotta stones
  • Lava rocks
  • Granite

All of these different rock options can easily be found at any home goods store.

Or, if you’re a bit more adventurous, you can collect them yourself from natural places, like beaches and parks.

No matter how you get your rocks or what kind of rocks you choose, there are plenty of awesome things that you can do with them.

Disguise an Area You Don’t Like

Disguise an Area You Don’t LikeTo begin with, one simple and simply amazing use for these rocks is to disguise a part of your yard that you don’t like.

Maybe you have a hill that makes your yard look clunky or uneven. If so, a few carefully placed rocks are a great solution. Rocks can also be used to hide “dead” areas in your lawn or even a structure on your property that isn’t super appealing.

While rocks can often be used to create something totally new, they can also be an amazing solution for something you wish wasn’t on your property.

Even if they’re just a temporary fix until you can correct the underlying issue, they can provide a lot of relief and beauty to your property until the time for a permanent solution comes.

Place Rocks in a Dry Garden

Rock Landscaping Ideas Around The HouseDo you have a garden on your property that seems to have trouble getting the necessary moisture? If so, rocks could be the perfect solution. Our rock landscaping ideas around the house could be very helpful to improve your design.

Yes, we know that rocks look awfully dry, but, believe it or not, they are actually great for drawing moisture and sending it down into the depths of a garden- exactly where it needs to go.

Small, well-stacked rocks are a wonderful way to trap moisture and help it trickle down into garden soil. Plus, as a bonus, they help to block harmful UV rays, making your plants healthier and keeping the moisture that you do accumulate from evaporating before it has a chance to do any good.

Not only is this idea wonderfully practical and helpful for the novice gardener, but it can also lead to a unique, beautiful garden that will catch the eye of everyone who comes near it.

Create a Cute Path

Create a Cute PathAnother great idea for use with landscaping rocks is to create a nice little path in your yard. This path could lead up to your front door, to a pretty garden, or a nice little bench for sitting and relaxing.

Whatever the case may be, the combination of the right rocks, and maybe even some marbles were thrown into the mix, can make for an adorable, enchanting path.

Our suggestion is to pave the path and then line the sides with stones. However, you can actually have a stone path with stone paving along the sides as well. Whichever way you do it, it’s sure to look great.

Take a Hint from Central Park

Take a Hint from Central ParkIf you’ve ever been to New York City’s famed Central Park, then you know there are huge, boulder-like stones located all around the park that are perfect for lounging.

These stones usually have smooth tops and jagged edges for just the right combination of visual appeal and comfort.

Tracking down these types of boulders for your yard might be a little challenging. You may have to have them specially cut or do some online shopping.

If you can find the right rocks, however, you can add a wonderful mystique to your yard, while also providing yourself and your guests with the perfect spot for daydreaming, reading, soaking up the sun, or just plain enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors.

Use Rocks to Create a Distinct Boundary Between Your Home and Your Lawn

Human beings like to keep things neat and compartmentalized. That’s just how our brains work. Thus, it makes sense that most people find it more visually appealing to have some kind of boundary between their front doors and their lawns.

If you’d like to create a distinct boundary in this way, we suggest using medium-sized rocks to do so.

Not only will this “hack” add visual interest to your yard, but it’s also a good way to keep moisture and rain splatter away from your property. Plus, what better way to highlight flowers, bushes, or anything else you might like to plant?

The rocks will draw attention to these floral arrangements for an extra touch of beauty. Landscaping with rocks and stones is relatively easy and low maintenance.

Use Colored Stones Anywhere and Everywhere

Use Colored Stones Anywhere and EverywhereWhen you think of rocks, you probably think of them as being white or gray in color. In other words, you think of them as only having drab, natural colors.

And, while there is certainly something to be said for the rustic appeal of natural rock, there are lots of rocks that have been painted or dyed to achieve beautiful colors. Some rocks, believe it or not, even naturally have extravagant colors.

Thus, if you want to use rock in your landscaping but still want your yard to be colorful and beautiful, look into brighter options than what you typically think of when you think of rocks.

In fact, if you’re particularly creative, you could even paint and/or dye some rocks yourself for a thoroughly unique touch.

Grow Plants Between Large Rocks

Grow Plants Between Large RocksIf you’re a fan of the idea of the large rock we mentioned earlier, then you can take things up a notch. What we mean by that is go ahead and get those “Central Park” style landscaping rocks.

From there, tuck flowers, plants, or at least the seeds to start them, in between the rocks.

When spring comes and the plants bloom, you’ll have rocks with flowers and greenery poking up between them. It can make for a really cool natural effect that will attract lots of attention.

Use Rocks for Borders and Edging

Use Rocks for Borders and EdgingWhile many of our suggestions for using rocks in your yard have been very “in your face,” every method is not necessarily this way. For example, you can use rocks in smaller, less obtrusive ways and still get a cool effect.

One of our favorite understated ways for using rocks, for example, is to use them to create a nice border for your garden. You can also use rocks as the edging for lawn designs, flower beds, and more.

A few simple, appropriately placed rocks will do the trick, or you can easily build a rock wall by stacking smooth rocks together and lining them up as needed.

Line a Pond or LakeLine a Pond or Lake

Is there anything more beautiful or peaceful than having some water on your property?

Whether you want to go for a man-made pond or foundation or you’re lucky enough to have a natural lake, there is no better way to accentuate and beautify your water than by highlighting it with rocks.

Use any type of rock you like. Line them up along the water and then sit back and look at the natural slice of beauty you have created.

Fill an Old Flower Bed

Line a Pond or LakeAlmost everyone has seen a flowerbed before, but have you ever seen a rock bed?

There’s a good question you answered that question with a “no.”

However, rock beds are growing in popularity. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also a lot less work to maintain than a water bed.

You can turn an old flower bed or trough into a rock bed with ease by cleaning it out and then pouring in your favorite rocks.

Add some lighting, a little stream, or anything else you like to make the rock bed look even cooler.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Rock Landscaping Ideas Around The HouseAs you can see, there are all kinds of fun things you can do to liven up your yard. You just need the right rocks to get started.

You can take our ideas and run with them or even come up with some of your own.

No matter what you do, when you incorporate rocks into your landscape design, you are sure to end up with a masterpiece.

Experiment, trust your gut and don’t be afraid to get creative. There’s no doubt that the effect will be amazing!


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