Top 10 Rules for Robot Vacuum Proper Maintenance

Top 10 Rules for Robot Vacuum Proper Maintenance
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The robot vacuum is a vacuum that contains a precise mechanism to ensure that your cleaning needs are handled with little help on your part.

As such, you need to ascertain that it is adequately maintained. The robot vacuum cleaner contains the following main components to be functional.

– Omnidirectional IR receiver
– Handle
– 6-32 mounting cavities
– Serial port
– Charging socket
– Cargo bay connector
– Cargo Bay
– And a tailgate

Considering all these parts, you need to keep your robot vacuum cleaner in an optimal state for optimum performance. To do so, there are some rules to follow from the time you get your new vacuum model.

Robot Vacuum Proper MaintenanceNo need to get excited about the fact that you will not have to tire from cleaning your space. Primarily, your main tasks will involve keeping your robot cleaner well operational to ensure you get optimal service.

Operating manual

Robot Vacuum Proper MaintenanceThe first rule to keep the robot vacuum working well is the operating manual. Therefore, after you purchase the machine, it is necessary to ensure that you read the manual to ensure you use it correctly as well as orient yourself to various maintainable and repairable components in the robot.

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Besides, you need to ensure you charge it properly before you make use of the robot the very first time after purchase. Once this is done, you need to prepare the room that you need your robot to clean.

Here are the guidelines to follow

Clear your floor

Robot Vacuum Proper MaintenanceOne major rule before using your robot vacuum is to ensure that the floors in your room are prepared before using the robotic floor cleaner.

Ascertain that there are no pulling cords or curtain hems in the room for blinds touching the floor that the vacuum could get stuck in while operational.

Also, ensure that pet excrete is cleared before you leave the robot vacuum to clear the floor. The robot may smear the floor and make it look disgusting if you go the excrete lying on the floor. However, there is a solution to be discussed in this article.


Robot Vacuum Proper MaintenanceThe robotic vacuum you usually purchase has sensors that are located on the back and the front. It ensures that they detect obstacles in their way.

Do not pull on your robot vacuum when it encounters an obstacle along the way; this will cause damage to the sensors. You can lift the couch to help the robotic vacuum re-track its route along the obstacle.

Clean the sensors using a soft rag with soapy water and a warm cloth. Avoid bleach, detergent or glass cleaners for the eye lenses that help the robot.

Filters and Bins

Robot Vacuum You need to empty as well as clean the dustbin regularly. Never let the dustbins overfill. The reason you need to avoid this when using a robotic vacuum is that you get to prevent overuse of your vacuum robot.

If you know your filter bins are small, ensure that they are clean every day as long as you choose to run your robot vacuum cleaner. Your robot vacuum will work hard to ensure they find any dirt or dust around your compound once you turn them on while at home.

Furthermore, additional debris from your bins and filters may block the robot vacuum unit from functioning well in cleaning debris effectively. Ensure that you use a dust brush as opposed to water to wash your filters as recommended by the robot vacuum manufacturer.

Brushes, filters, and wheels

Robot Vacuum Be sure to clean the brushes and wheels of the robot vacuum regularly to ensure that it works as it should. Avoid any blockages in the brushes that may prevent your robot cleaning gadget from working well. Remove long fibers, sting, and hairs to allow for rotation of the brush.

The wheels can be cleaned by removing any dirt using a screwdriver. Never use water to clean the robot vacuum wheels.

For the inner drive wheels that most robot vacuum wheels have, you can use a dust brush to remove hair, debris, and dirt. Check for this before replacing the wheels on your gadget.

However, if you have the Roomba for pets, it has strong suction and cleans pet fur all around your house with no damage. This robot vacuum may not have a problem with the pet hairs or other dirt from pets.

Also, ensure that your robotic vacuum cleaner does not exceed the 600ml volume of dust collection after use. You do not have to wait until your robot vacuum cleaner filter is full, drain it after use to prevent filling the volume above the rule mentioned in the manual.

Furthermore, exhaust and motor filters need cleaning as well as a replacement. However, you need to consult your manufacturer to consider when this should be done as it may also be determined by the intensity of operation that your robot vacuum cleaner run on monthly.

Mostly, it should be 3-6 months replacement for the filter.

Also, do not use those robot vacuums that do not have a central brush roller. These robots will suck dust and garbage and fill up the “abdomen” or filter making it hard to operate or work efficiently.

Use models that have side brushes to ensure that you are getting your space cleaned without giving you much work on the maintenance of the said gadget.


Robot Vacuum Initially, when you buy the robot vacuum, you need to ensure that you charge it correctly. Ensure you charge it fully before using the robot vacuum cleaner. Besides, you also need to use the battery rules for different batteries that the robot vacuum has.

Consider lithium-ion batteries as this ensures that the battery lasts twice as much as non-lithium batteries.

You also need to pay close attention to the batteries that drive your robot vacuum cleaner. You get to minimize costs for operating your robot vacuum when you take care of the battery issue for your robot vacuum.

Check the manual to find out when to recharge the batteries. Consider draining them all through before you recharge them for ultimate performance.

A fully discharged battery ensures that the robot vacuum cleaner improves work capacity of the gadget. Therefore, do not disconnect the battery before it is fully discharged, for a short vacuuming task. Use the gadget until you drain the lithium battery fully to help you monitor the task capacity of your robot cleaner while improving battery life.

Memory effect also affects the working capacity of your robot vacuum cleaner. As such, ensure that your battery is fully discharged before charging to provide the work capacity increases. Use lithium batteries if you are not familiar with the battery memory effect.

Storage for the battery should be considered to improve battery life. Essentially, ensure that you keep the battery in a dry and cool place after charging it to at least 40%.

Side brushes

Robot Vacuum There are some areas where the regular brush that the robot cleans with cannot reach. The side brushes help make this possible and need regular cleaning to make this possible.

You can clean these brushes and keep them looking new on your robot vacuum by taking them through a blow drier. It helps them regain their form from being warped after overuse.

Set them in place after warming them to ensure that your robot vacuum reaches those hard to reach areas after cleaning.

Therefore, ensure that you remove animal hair and any dust that impairs quality of cleaning for your robot vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, you can look for robot vacuums with double bristles to ensure you get longer bristles that get to those hard to reach areas.

Update software and firmware

Robot Vacuum The manufacturer of your robot vacuum knows the firmware and software that operates your robot vacuum. Therefore, keep in touch with them to get regular updates that will help your gadget operate optimally.

There are movement algorithms that need updating and system controls that need firmware. Use a USB cable for the firmware update.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Robot Vacuum cleanerUse of extreme temperatures whether cold or hot is harmful to the optimum operation of your robot vacuum.

Avoid such areas where there is direct sunlight when using your robotic cleaning gadget. It should also be considered when charging the robot vacuum cleaner, avoid equipment and heated batteries when charging your device.

Besides, while you may clean cold areas in your home such as your garage using the robot vacuum, you should not keep them their due to the cold temperatures. Store the device in a cool, dry place with proper temperature.

Avoid Non-OEM accessories

You need batteries and charging stand for your robot vacuum. However, avoid any non-OEM accessories for a robot vacuum device you have purchased and have been using. Use original factory components every time and not cheaper models of the same.

Pay more for the replacement of your battery or charger for your robot vacuum and ensure that it is an authentic device for your Roomba.

Using the above rules for your robot vacuum maintenance ensure continued efficient service. These collectively ensure your device stays in good condition for long as well as giving you the best experience when using it.

Try this golden rules today for better performance.

Most Common Questions About iRobot Answered

How do you maintain a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are a necessity in most homes and offices. They help keep the living space free of dust and debris, and can be used to clean up spills and other messes. However, like any other machine, they need to be properly maintained in order for them to function at their best.

Below are some tips on how to maintain your vacuum cleaner:

- Try not to use the vacuum when it is running low on power. This will cause it to overheat and may cause permanent damage.

- Keep the filter clean by vacuuming off any loose dirt or hair before you turn it off for the day.

- Make sure that you don't use it with a full bag or debris build up inside of it as this will cause overheating and break

How do you maintain a Roomba vacuum cleaner?

It is important to maintain a Roomba vacuum cleaner to make sure it is running at its best. There are many ways to do this, which are listed below.

- Make sure the brushes are not clogged with hair or other debris. Clean them with a brush attachment or by removing the brush and cleaning it by hand.

- Clean the filters regularly.

- Check for any loose parts that may have come loose during use, and tighten them up if needed.

- If you notice that your Roomba is making strange noises, check for things like dust clogs, broken parts, or anything else that may be causing the problem.

How often should I clean robot vacuum?

It is important to clean your robot vacuum regularly because it can get clogged with hair and dirt. The frequency of cleaning the robot vacuum depends on your usage.

How do you maintain a robotic vacuum?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to clean your floors without the need for human intervention. They do this by moving around on wheels, and using brushes located underneath the machine to sweep up dust and dirt.

The best way to maintain a robotic vacuum cleaner is by regularly emptying its dust container, washing its filters, and changing the brushes.



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