Traeger Pro Series 22 Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

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Introduction to Traeger Pro Series 22

Traeger Pro Series 22 is one of the most popular wood pellet grills in the market. It is packed with features that make grilling easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Traeger is a brand that has been around for over 30 years and is known for producing high-quality grills that are built to last.

If you are looking for a high-performing grill that can cook a variety of dishes, then Traeger Pro Series 22 is a great option. In this review, we will cover the main features of Traeger Pro Series 22, the benefits of using it, and the potential drawbacks you may encounter.

Key Features of Traeger Pro Series 22

1. Large Cooking Area

The Pro Series 22 has a large cooking area of 572 square inches which provides ample space to cook multiple dishes at once. It is perfect for small families or gatherings of up to 6 people.

2. Digital Controls

The Pro Series 22 comes with a digital controller that makes it easy to set and maintain the desired temperature. You can adjust the temperature in 5-degree increments and monitor the internal temperature of the grill using a meat probe. This ensures that your food is cooked to perfection every time.

3. Versatility

Traeger Pro Series 22 can be used for a variety of cooking methods such as grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and braising. You can use it to cook anything from pizza to brisket, and it will always come out perfectly cooked.

4. Durable Build and Design

The Pro Series 22 is built to last with a sturdy steel construction and high-quality components. It also features an easy-to-clean porcelain grill grates that make cleaning up after a cook a breeze.

What Are the Benefits of Using Traeger Pro Series 22?

– Easy to use and maintain
– Consistent and even cooking
– Large cooking area
– Digital controls for temperature precision
– Versatility in cooking methods

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of Traeger Pro Series 22?

– Relatively higher price point
– May require frequent pellet refills during long cooks

FAQs about Traeger Pro Series 22

Q. Can I use Traeger Pro Series 22 for smoking?

A. Yes, Traeger Pro Series 22 is great for smoking. Its temperature range makes it perfect for smoking meat, fish, and vegetables.

Q. Can I cook pizza on Traeger Pro Series 22?

A. Yes, Traeger Pro Series 22 is a great option for cooking pizza. It can reach high temperatures of up to 450°F, which is perfect for cooking a crispy pizza crust.

Q. How often should I clean my Traeger Pro Series 22 grill grates?

A. You should clean your grill grates after every use to prevent any buildup of grease and food residue. This will ensure that your grill stays clean and hygienic.


Traeger Pro Series 22 is a versatile and high-performing grill that is perfect for those who love to cook. Its digital controls, large cooking area, and durable build make it a great investment for those looking for an all-in-one grill. While it may be relatively pricey, its benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Whether you’re cooking for your family or hosting a backyard BBQ, Traeger Pro Series 22 will surely impress your guests with its delicious and perfectly cooked food.


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