Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Oasis – Beautiful Ideas

Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Oasis - Beautiful Ideas
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My deck/patio is my oasis, and yours can be, too! There are so many little simple things you can do to turn your small, tight outdoor space into a relaxing atmosphere.

Start small, and add to decor and furniture as you are able and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect outdoor hideaway to escape every day that is life.

Starting small

outdoor patio dinning tableStart with a simple bistro table and chairs. If your outdoor space is anything like mine (which is the third floor of an apartment building), it is wide and narrow, making room for outdoor furnishings limited.

An outdoor patio table is perfect for just one or two people. It allows space to dine, or to sit and relax. It’s so lovely to be outside with a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or a glass of iced tea or lemonade in the afternoon.

Enjoy a romantic dinner date outside under the stars!

For decor, add a candle or small outdoor plant to the tabletop. Try to come up with a color scheme and stick to it to give your outdoor space a classy look.

Add a chair cushion or pillow to your bistro chairs for added comfort, color, and style. Natural colors such as greens, and brown tones are very popular right now, fitting in with the ‘going green’ campaign.

Choose coordinating candles or flower pots to accent the colors of the chair cushions. If this is all you can do this season, it will be enough and it will be worth it to escape the noises that come with apartment or condo living.


Hava amazing outdoor furnitureoutdoor patio chair

Once you have established an area of seating, start adding other elements to your space. Try adding a bench, if you have the room. This will allow for extra seating if you have children, or if you have company.

Add a coordinating cushion or pillow to the bench for some added flair! You can even add an outdoor rug to your seating areas! They can withstand all weather elements and brutal temperatures in the winter and summer.

They also continue the look of the inside of your home on the outside, making you and your guests feel right at home wherever you are!

Be advised that outdoor rugs can be pricey, depending upon shape, color, quality, and size.


Light up Patio with amazing outdoor candles

patio candleIf your building/lease allows it, invest in a strand or two of decorative outdoor lights. They now come in a variety of shapes and colors. Go with something classic like copper butterflies or grapevine balls with white lights.

This will give your patio a beautiful evening glow all spring and summer long! You can also add to the ambiance with candles. If mosquitoes are prominent in your area, you may consider a citronella candle somewhere on your patio or deck.

decorative outdoor lightsThey will keep the pesky flying blood-suckers at bay without the distastefulness of a bug zapper. Also, check for stale or stagnant water nearby- this will attract mosquitoes if left sitting out for too long.

Dump out all standing water to avoid unwelcome friends. If you do decide to use candles outside, make sure they are contained. It is fine to use glass candles holders during the spring, summer, and early fall, but they will need to be taken indoors during the cold months.

If left outside they may freeze and crack, creating a mess and potential danger to others.


Add plants – To make Your backyard Alive!

Add plants - To make Your backyard Alive!Add plant stands, hanging baskets, planter boxes, and more to your deck! If you have an overhang, screw-in hanging hooks, and hang hanging baskets for plants- just make sure you are still able to reach for watering them.

If you do add a bench to your patio, add a plant stand on both ends and choose an appropriate potted plant. Make sure your plants fit with the amount of light your outdoor space does or does not get. If your area gets a lot of light, choose plants that are tropical or take full sun.

If you do not get a lot of light, choose shade or partial-sun plants. Shade plants that are usually hard for people to grow will thrive in your shaded oasis! If you have a patio or deck rail, add planter boxes!

They come in a variety of colors and materials, and clip right onto your rail! This is the perfect way to add a lot of color to your small outdoor space and give it the feel of a garden without ever having to break your back by digging in the ground!


Welcome feathered friends

bird feederAttract birds to your outdoor space for added enjoyment and entertainment!

If you have an overhang, add a hanging feeder or birdbath. If you add both, you will double your chances of drawing beautiful birds to your porch, as birds thrive on food and water, especially during the winter months when it is harder for them to find food. If you have the extra room, consider hanging a birdhouse.

You may watch birds fly in and out, building their nests and hatching their little eggs. This is an educational and fun way to involve children in creating a space for outdoor living!


Adding accessories

suncatcherYou can add accessories to brighten up your outdoor space and make it your own!

Wind chimes are a popular choice because of their relaxing tones which are released as the wind blows.

Decorative wreaths can adhere to glass doors or windows with suction cups, as well as decorative seasonal flags or banners.

Suncatchers and stained glass also add color and seasonal decor to any space. Add signs, or metal scrollwork to wooden paneling for a homespun look.

The possibilities are endless for personalizing your outdoor space. Just remember- size doesn’t matter.

Whether you start small or do it all at once, if you follow these simple and affordable tips for creating your own outdoor oasis, you’ll be sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying it in no time!


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