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Landmann is one of the leading outdoor fire pit manufacturers, and many customers love their products. The Landmann USA 25722 Redford Outdoor Fireplace is a product that can be easily pointed out among other outdoor fire pits because of its unique design. It is constructed with sturdy steel and shaped just like a box with an attractive black paint finish.

You will find this unit very easy to assemble, it quite has several parts, but all that will be required for a successful installation is included. There are installation instructions for you to follow, so you are not misled.

This outdoor fireplace burns wood, and the fire area can be accessed through the large hinged double doors in front. It features a chimney, so smoke is directed up and away. The fire pit has metal grates on all four sides, which keeps fire sparks contained and also allows for 360 viewings of the flames.

Inside the fireplace is a wood grate. It keeps the firewoods elevated, so air flows well around them to keep the fire consistent. There is a poker tool to help you tend the fire safely. It is lengthy, so you keep a good distance. Also inside the fireplace is an ash pan for collecting ashes. It keeps the place free from mess, thus making it easy to clean.

The Landmann USA 25722 Redford Outdoor Fireplace weighs about 43 pounds. It is not a too heavy product, so transporting it would not be a trouble. It does have an outdoor cover – Landmann Redford Cover (29396) – for protecting it against outdoor elements when not in use, but it does not come with the fire pit upon purchase. It is sold as a separate product.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Includes wood grate
  • Includes poker tool


  • No outdoor cover (sold separately)


In buying this Landmann USA 25722 Redford Outdoor Fireplace, you get what you pay for – good quality. The price it is sold is also fair, so one will not be spending much to get it. However, you need to maintain this fire pit if you want to use it for a long time.


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