Bessemer 01471 Patio Fireplace Review

Bessemer 01471 28
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This fireplace was built for mobility. It features a porcelain enamel bowl and lid with a handle for easy transport. A steel fire screen surrounds the fire pit. It keeps the fire open to be viewed from any angle and helps keep fire sparks contained. The fire screen high tempered, so it does not get too hot from the fire.

Assembling is required for this fire pit, and due to the parts it comes with, it may be a little difficult and time consuming to assemble. Nevertheless, you will get it done and have your fireplace ready for use. Inside the fire pit is a steel log grate. You would find it easy to place your logs, and it keeps the logs elevated for optimal airflow to keep the fire consistent.

The top of the fire pit has a handle, and the cover can be taken off, so more air flows in. You can access the fire area through the door on the side of the fire pit. There are screens attached to the underside of the fire pit. The screens collect ashes, so the area does not get dirty, making it very easy to clean.

As earlier stated, this fire pit was built for mobility to be effortless to transport. Aside from the handle, the fire pit has two sturdy wheels that make transport easy and also keeps the fire pit stable when standing. In addition to that, the fire pit is not heavy to transport. It is lightweight with a weight of about 30 pounds.

The Bessemer 01471 28″ Patio Fireplace does not come with an outdoor cover, but it is recommended that you get one because exposure to weather conditions like rainfall can rust the bolt and nuts.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Includes fire screen


  • Little difficult to assemble
  • No outdoor cover


The Bessemer 01471 28″ Patio Fireplace is an ideal fireplace if you need a very mobile fire pit. It is also sold at affordable, which is a good one for the quality you are getting. However, this product is one that really needs to be protected from outdoor elements. It could get damaged if it is not.


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