BestMassage 19″ Fire Pit Round Outdoor FirePit Metal Fire Bowl

BestMassage 19
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The BestMassage 19″ Round Outdoor Fire Pit is a steel one and relatively small in size. It is just 13 inches tall.

BestMassage 19" Fire Pit Round Outdoor FirePit Metal Fire BowlThe fire pit size does not determine its performance, it is a powerful unit with an impressive heat output of 58,000 BTU, much better than some more massive propane fire pits, and it really provides warmth. Assembling is a breeze as no much work is required, plus you would not need any tools.

BestMassage 19" Fire Pit Round Outdoor FirePit Metal Fire BowlIt is a right looking product, constructed from steel and with a luxurious enamel finish. The fire is started just by rotating the switch, and the size of the lamp can be adjusted to match the environment. This fire pit connects with a hose to the propane tank, a 10-inch hose is included, but no propane gas tank was included. You have to buy it as a separate item unless you have a spare one.

BestMassage 19" Fire Pit Round Outdoor FirePit Metal Fire BowlYou would find the BestMassage 19″ Round Outdoor Fire Pit to be very portable. The size is not big, and it has very lightweight. Also, there is a belt-like cover for it with a handle to be carried with ease. The cover also protects the steel burner, so it is safe when not in use. This fire pit comes with natural lava rocks; it gives the flames a better effect and makes it more pleasant to the eyes.


  • High heat output
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Includes cover


  • No propane tank


The BestMassage 19″ Fire Pit will make a good buy for the quality it has and the price it is sold. It is a small-sized fire pit but does more than what is expected of it and even better than large-sized ones. The fire pit was constructed with sturdy steel, so it is possible to see it lasting for years if used and maintained properly. As a lightweight and portable unit, you will not have difficulty transporting, and it is a recommended product, especially if you need a gas fire pit for camping.


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