Char-Broil Portable Fire Bowl Review

Char-Broil Portable Fire Bowl Review
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This fire pit is a straightforward one, and it is all about portability. It consists of a relatively wide fire bowl and four long legs curved outdoors, and we’ll go apart from each other. The legs are made from steel, while the fire bowl is constructed from porcelain enamel.

After purchase, it will take no time to get this fire pit working for you as it just about 10 minutes to be completely assembled. Inside the purchase package, you will find not just the fire pit, but all you need to safely and easily use the fire pit.Char-Broil Portable Fire Bowl Review

The fire pit is a wood-burning one, so the manufacturers included a fire mesh screen lid to keep fire sparks and embers contained so you can view the flames without any trouble. It also keeps the fire open so it can be viewed from any angle. A screen lifter was included to help you take off the mesh lid when you want to as it gets hot. A fire poker is added too, which you’ll use to tend the fire when adding or removing woods.

Inside the fire pit is a log grate. It is a removable one, and it is not only for the woods. It also ensures increased airflow within the fire bowl, so the fire burns with more energy. Earlier stated that this fire pit is all about portability, and there is no lie about that. The fire pit has less weight. It measures below 16 pounds in weight so it can be carried easily. To make things better, the steel legs are foldable, which makes the size more compact. The fire pit comes with a carry bag that doubles as a storage cover. It fits the fire pit properly after the legs have been folded.

How much does the Char-Broil Portable Fire bowl, 26″ cost?

You can get the Char-Broil Portable Fire bowl, 26″ for a not too high price. The product is sold at a price of about $135.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Includes travel bag
  • Includes log grate
  • Includes Cooking grate
  • Includes Fire poker


  • Rusts easily


The majority of the customers who bought this product enjoyed using it, and really, the money paid for it is a good value for what you get. It indeed rusts, but it can be minimized and will hold up well if it is well protected and occasionally sprayed.


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