Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl Review

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl, X-Large
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From Esschert Design USA, we have the Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl, one of their best outdoor living products. This Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl is of different sizes, and this review is about the X-Large size.

The first selling feature of the Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl is its durability. It is not a one-season product and capable of lasting for a very long time. It is a solid looking fire pit, and it also feels solid when touched. The fire pit is made from steel and quite thick with a little bit of weight. It features a black heat resistant paint, which helps maintain the quality of the product. The fire pit itself hardly rusts, and it would still be in good shape when the black color goes off.

This X-Large fire bowl is a large one, and it is large enough to contain standard sized logs without the need of chopping them into smaller pieces. It is an accommodating unit as a good number of people can sit comfortably around the fire pit.

This Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl, X-Large is an easy one to put together. You just have to attach the base to the fire bowl using the screws. The screws are quite thick, not the regular type you get, and it requires some extra force to tighten them. At the bottom of the fire pit is a little bit wide hole. The hole helps to keep water out of the fire pit in cases of rainfall.

This fire pit does not have an outdoor cover of its own, the recommended outdoor cover for it is the Sunnydaze Round Fire Pit Cover. The cover is sold as a separate product, and it can be purchased along with the fire pit. It does not come with a fire screen, and as a wood-burning fire pit, it is recommended that you get one.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • No outdoor cover
  • No fire screen


Getting a fire pit like this one will be worth it. It is a simple product, just a fire bowl, and base, but its size and durability make it a valuable piece. It is recommended for purchase, and it is quite affordable.


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