Giantex 32″ Round Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Review

Giantex 32
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This fire pit is a steel one. It is round in shape and has a tabletop made with a natural slate with a modern tile-like design. The base is sturdy and long, giving the fire pit a 24 inches height. It is an easy to assemble fire pit. The manufacturers included assembling instructions to make things easier. It is not hard to use as a propane fire pit, and it burns with a clean flame.

Giantex 32

The fire pit uses a standard-sized propane tank though it is something you have to get separately. The tank does not come with a fire pit. There is space in the base where the gas tank will be kept. It connects to the fire pit with a hose and is hidden, so it maintains its appearance. This fire pit uses an iron burner, and for easy use, the fire starts with just a push of the ignition button.

Giantex 32The burner gives out up to 50,000 BTU of heat. The heat is enough to keep any patio or backyard warm. It is possible to adjust the flame height between high, medium, and low. This way, you can set the heat output to match the temperature of the place. You get lava rocks too. When added to the fire, you get better flame effects and more heat.Giantex 32

The Giantex 32″ Round Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is multi-functional. With the cover lid’s help, it comes with the fire pit can be transformed into an outdoor dining table. It weighs 65 lbs, so it cannot be considered a heavy product, yet, it won’t be the best to be transferred now and then. It should be placed in a semi-permanent position. An included PVC outdoor cover ensures that the fire pit is safe, secure, and free from harm when it is not in use.Giantex 32

How much does the Giantex 32″ Round Propane Gas Fire Pit Table cost?

The Giantex 32″ Round Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is sold for about $270. It is not really a cost-friendly product, but the price is good for its quality.

Giantex 32Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Includes Lava Rocks
  • Includes Outdoor Cover


  • No gas tank


The Giantex propane gas fire pit is a quality one and undoubtedly a good propane fire pit one can purchase. It might not be the best if you are not willing to spend much, but if you have the fund,s it will surely live up to its price.


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