Lewisville Steel Firepit Review

Lewisville Steel Firepit Review
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This fire pit from Freeport Park looks beautiful, and the design is impressive. It is made of 22-gauge steel and is quite tall with a height of 26 inches. It stands on four sturdy legs curved outwards. The legs lift the bottom of the fire bowl about 4 inches off the ground.

Lewisville Steel Firepit ReviewThe fire bowl is quite large itself as it measures about 6 inches in height; it has a high temp paint finish to withstand the heat. It contains a good number of wood for wood-burning, and one can also burn charcoal.

The fire pit needs to be assembled fully after purchase. The estimated time for it to be completed in about 30 minutes, but you would not be spending up to that. All you need to use this fire pit is included. You certainly won’t be buying any extra items. First is the fire screen, which prevents fire sparks from escaping the fire bowl. With it, you can safely sit around the fire pit without worry.Lewisville Steel Firepit Review

It comes with a Cooking grill so the fire pit can be used for grilling, you can cook a meal and enjoy the warmth from the fire at the same time. Included also is a fireside tool. It is multipurpose but majorly used to tend the fire. It aids so you do not get too close to the fire.

The fire pit is not rustproof, so the manufacturers added an outdoor vinyl cover, you must cover the fire pit when not in use, so it is safe from harm. You won’t find this fire pit heavy. The overall weight is just 30 lbs.


  • Lightweight
  • Includes Fire tool
  • Includes Cooking grill
  • Includes outdoor cover
  • Includes Spark Screen



The Lewisville Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is a great fire pit for the price, and it is well built with an impressive design. It is easy to put together and looks sturdy and stable when assembled. You would also not have to be purchasing anything else because all you need to use this fire pit safely is included upon purchase.


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