Ohio Flame Outdoor Fire Pit Review

Ohio Flame Fire Pit Review
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A lot of factors have to be considered before purchasing a fire pit. Of course, one that you’d want to find out first is the longevity of the product that you’re aiming after, right? Trust me, opting for a product such as the Ohio Flame Fire Pit is definitely the best solution to all hassles.

How? This is because it’s made of high-grade stainless steel. Even though this doesn’t come with a fire screen and it can’t be easily moved around, yet it’s a product that doesn’t retain water in it.

It has a drain hole right in the middle where water can escape from. Indeed, it’s not as vulnerable to rust as many are, but it’s durable and has an excellent depth in it that you can use for burning big and extensive woods.

Its ergonomic structure can’t be understated either. It has a round-shape leg that ensures that it can be used entirely on any surface.

Furthermore, although this is not a fire pit that one can utilize indoor, it’s a treasure that can reliably be kept on the patio. With this unit, you seldom apply oil on the surface to maintain its looks.

It’s just a product that you wouldn’t want to let go of if, actually, you need a durable fire pit for consistent use. Nevertheless, check out the five amazing features of this product below:

Ohio Flame Fire Pit Review | 5 Major Features

Ohio Flame Fire Pit Review

1. Natural Steel Finish

The natural steel finishing that this fire pit is being made of allows the material’s glittering surface. In fact, this absolutely ensures the prevention of the fire pit from corrosion.

It’s one of the significant factors that make the fire pit very useable for outdoor games. However, it’s a composite that develops iron oxide, resulting from constant water and air exposure.

However, it can be corrected with ease by using Rustoleum in rubbing the surface. The thickness of the fire pit is ¼,” and the outward look is just magnificent and admirable.

Unlike some other products, the steel finish provides smoothness to its support to ensure that the cleaning is also easy.

2. Sturdy

firepitThis is definitely not a fire pit that’s recommended for gazebos, even though it’s sturdy. Albeit it can be used in an open environment, why? Because it’s quite heavy and not so versatile.

In fact, the fire pit’s depth is 10”, except for its fire screen. Furthermore, it weighs 63 pounds, so it can’t be unnecessarily moved around.

It has no separated legs, but rather it has a round-shape design bottom that the upper bowl rests upon. In other words, its design is so perfect that you definitely don’t have to be in dilemmas whether the fire pit is balance or not.

Nonetheless, it’s not so tall, yet it has a beautiful design. It’s a fire pit with a dimension of 30 x 30 x 14.5 inches.

3. Rain Drain

Looking for a fire pit that you can equally use for natural gas operation? If yes, then you definitely can’t go wrong with this fire pit that’s 30” wide.

The inclusion of the rain drain makes it top-notch as pipe can rundown via the aperture. The small aperture right in the middle of the 30” diameter has a diameter of 1.25 inches.

The essence of this is to ensure that no ember, water, charcoal is left within the pit. However, it eases the hassles of cleaning the material itself.

Notwithstanding, we enjoin prospective users to lay a plain material underneath the fire pit to ensure that neither the pavement is marked with ring-like rust nor the area becomes messed up with embers and charcoal.

Of course, it doesn’t come with a fire screen, but it can be purchased right from the manufacturer.

4. Ease of Use

This is a fire pit that comes with no screws and nuts. Neither do you need to assemble it; it comes singly. Moreover, the fact that the interior is spacious makes it great for making fire with large woods.

The fire pit has no rims, but it’s designed in a manner that one can carry it right at the tips. It’s a material that you can depend on for optimum usage at any period of time.

5. Reliability

This is a material that’s highly respected because it’s made in the US. It has a lot of amazing features that make it even more preferred over stone fire pits.

Users can decide to use it for building all sizes of fire with ease. In fact, it’s just best for potential buyers who sincerely need a fire pit in their homes alone.


Why Should You Use Ohio Flame Fire Pit?

Crafted in America

This is a product that its steel is made in the US. In fact, the whole product is crafted by American Artisans. Of course, you should expect nothing but the best with the use of this product.

Ample Space

In case you’re in search of a fire pit that you can use for heavyweight logs, then you might love to put this product into consideration. It’s a product that its bowl is in a circular shape. It also has an ample depth that can snugly fulfill your wants.

Sole Purpose

Indeed, this is not a fire pit that you can be lugging around unnecessarily. Albeit, it’s majorly used outdoor, and you can change its position at will.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike the conventional ones, this product doesn’t need to be galvanized before being used consistently. However, it only becomes darker only if it’s perpetually used.

Customers’ Review

This is a fire pit that many persons have recommended for longevity and dependability. It’s a product that’s globally accepted. It’s definitely a product that you can trust for purchase, even as a first-time buyer.

Product Benefits
  • This is best used outdoors because it can’t be easily lugged around.
  • It’s a fire pit that’s made in the US.
  • It’s not susceptible to rust like the conventional ones.
  • It’s made of stainless steel.
  • It doesn’t require assembling. It’s 100% sturdy.
  • It has a rain drain right in the middle of the bowl.
  • The fire pit is vast and functional.
  • One can depend on it for longevity.
The Negative Things
  • It can’t be used indoors.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I procure the fire screen that fits this fire pit?

Answer: You can contact the manufacturer and make inquiries for more information on this.

Q: I use pavers for my patio. Can I keep the fire pit at a place like this?

Answer: Definitely, however, you’d have to spread a flat material on the pavement to prevent ring rust or stains. Please ensure that you continuously cover up the fire pit’s surface anytime you’re not using it.

Q: Can someone explain why this is not so deep?

Answer: Of course, they knew, and it’s exquisitely constructed. It’s not so deep, but it’s extensive. In fact, it has a drain in the middle to aid in getting rid of dust and ashes.

Q: Would I find grates on it?

Answer: No, it neither comes with grates nor accessories.

Q: Please, is the stainless steel thick?

Answer: Yes, it’s thick.


This review impugns those that need nothing but the best to opt for this fantastic product. It’s a unique fire pit with amazing touches on its design. It has all the futuristic that makes it usable in all kinds of weather.

And, cleaning it is very easy as it doesn’t require much effort in scrubbing the exterior. Indeed, this Ohio flame’s product is one of its kind when it comes to acceptability and quality design. It’s highly recommended for everyone.


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