Outsunny Square 32″ Outdoor Backyard Patio Metal Firepit Review

Outsunny Square 32
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The Outsunny Square 32″ Outdoor Backyard Patio Metal Firepit is constructed with sturdy steel with the top made with slate tile. The fire area is well wide, square-shaped, and measures about 22 inches on all four sides.

fire pitIt contains a fire basin that holds fire, the basin is heat resistant, so it can withstand the heat without cracking. There is a log grate in the fire basin. It is removable and helps you position the woods and logs better. It also keeps them elevated, so airflow is complete around the fire area.Outsunny Square 32

This piece looks like a big deal to assemble, but it is not. Assembling it can be straightforward and less stressful, especially if you follow its instructions. A mesh screen cover is included when you purchase this fire pit. It is placed over the fire basin when the fire keeps fire sparks, and embers contained. Also included is a poker tool that measures over 15 inches in length. It is a safe tool to use in tending the fire or taking off the mesh screen cover.Outsunny Square 32

The Outsunny Square 32″ Outdoor Backyard Patio Metal Firepit is a lightweight fire pit. It measures about 27 inches, so no trouble will be faced in transporting it.Outsunny Square 32

This is a wood-burning fire pit made specifically to provide heat. It was not meant for things like cooking, so if you need a fire pit that you can use as a grill, this one is no for you. Even the manufacturers do not advise that. You won’t have to worry about your fire pit getting damaged due to much outdoor exposure. It comes with a waterproof outdoor cover that keeps it safe and protected. It is ideal for putting the cover on when the fire pit is not in use to maintain its quality.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Includes outdoor cover
  • Includes Mesh screen cover


  • A bit hard to assemble


The Outsunny Square 32″ Outdoor Backyard Patio Metal Firepit is durable, and customers who bought it attest to using it for years. It works best as a family fire as it provides sufficient heat to warm everyone. This fire pit is recommended for purchase. Those on a low budget would appreciate it as it is not expensive.


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