Pure Garden Steel Fire Pit Table Review

xPure Garden Steel Fire Pit Table Review
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This fire pit table from Pure Garden is made from a high quality steel material with a powder-coated frame. The top of the fire pit features a tile-like design, and it is very spacious; and as a fire pit table, it can be easily converted to a regular table.

Pure Garden Steel Fire Pit Table ReviewIt comes with a cover lid for the fire area, and it fits properly and is designed the same way as the fire pit top. To make this fire pit appear more attractive, black and orange marble tiles are featured around the border, and steel bars are all around the fire pit base. It creates storage to place items like extra woods, and others have easy and quick access.

Pure Garden Steel Fire Pit Table Review

The fire area is a large one and square in shape. It is a wood-burning fire pit, so there is an in-built wood grate to help you place the woods properly. Also, there is a mesh spark screen to cover the fire pit area when the flames are burning.Pure Garden Steel Fire Pit Table Review

This is very appreciative as it helps to keep fire sparks and embers contained, so they don’t reach anyone. When it comes to taking off the mesh screen or tending the fire, a nice length fire poker is provided to aid you do so safely. The fire pit is not heavy. It just appears large in size, which is how most fire pit tables are.Pure Garden Steel Fire Pit Table Review

This fire pit can be used on wooden surfaces, but you have to ensure a non-inflammable material beneath it. To keep the fire pit protected from outdoor elements, the manufacturers included an outdoor cover for it. It is advisable to put the cover on when the fire pit is not in use, so its quality is not lost.


  • Includes mesh spark screen
  • Includes outdoor cover
  • Includes Fire Poker
  • In-built wood grate


  • No Grill


The Pure Garden Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is great, and it is very nice that it can be converted to a regular table easily. It has a nice and sturdy look, and the materials it is produced from are durable, so it should last for use if used accordingly.


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