Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl Review

Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl Review
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When the evenings and nights are cold, you need a fire pit to get the environment warm so you can still have a comfortable outdoor time. Getting a fire pit may be tasking as there are a lot of them available to choose from. The Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl 22″ is a fire pit from the Sorbus manufacturers, and it is a fire pit that a lot of customers are considering buying. This article is a review of the product you should read before making the purchase.

Product Description and Features

Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl Review

The Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl 22″ is a fire pit made from steel with a high-temperature heat resistant finish. It has a simple yet stylish design and structure, and the round fire bowl stands on 3 curved legs for stability. After purchasing this fire pit, you will have to assemble it by attaching the parts. It is re, ally, not difficult, and assembly instructions with all the tools needed are included.

Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl Review

You can burn woods, logs, and even charcoal with this fire pit, and you can use it as a BBQ if you get a grill. The Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl features a mesh, spark cover, a log grate, and a poker tool. The mesh spark cover helps keep the fire contained and prevent fire sparks, embers, and debris from escaping.Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl Review

It also makes viewing of the fire possibly from all angles. You will be able to place your woods or logs properly with the log grate’s help, and the poker helps you tend the fire and take off the mesh cover. The fire pit is very light in weight, just a little above 12 pounds, and the size is compact, which makes it a very mobile product.Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl Review

How much does the Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl 22″ cost?

This fire pit is affordable. It is sold for a price a little bit above $60.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Includes Mesh Screen Cover
  • Includes Log Grate
  • Includes Poker tool


  • No Outdoor Cover
  • No Grill


The Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl is a beautiful and quality product, and the price it is sold is just superb. It is sturdy and easy to use in the fire pit and has no problems with weight. Whether on a deck or patio, you are sure to enjoy using this fire pit; it is also ideal for camp use.


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