SUNCREAT 26 Inch Firepit Review

SUNCREAST 26 Inch Fire Bowl
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This large outdoor wood burning fire pit is one of its kind; you are likely not to see another fire pit with the same design and structure. It is a sturdy and durable piece, made from steel and heat resistant to withstand high temperature. The fire bowl is a wide one, it is capable of holding a significant amount of woods to create any fire size, and its powder coating makes it hard to rust.

SUNCREAT 26 Inch Firepit ReviewIt is easy to assemble and disassemble this fire pit anytime you want, and you won’t be needing any tools. The fire pit features a removable mesh cover covering the fire bowl, and it serves as a protector against fire sparks and embers so you can enjoy your fire pit without trouble. It also comes with a long poker to take off the mesh cover and tending the fire.

SUNCREAT 26 Inch Firepit Review

The SUNCREST 26 Inch Fire Bowl Large Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit is not too big, and neither is it small. It measures about 20 inches in height and is about 26 inches in diameter. It is easy to carry around when outdoors, and it weighs just 19 pounds, so it is lightweight. It does not include any outdoor cover, and though the material will be able to hold up well, getting a cover to keep it protected from rainfall is recommended. The fire pit can also be taken indoors after use to keep it safe since it is lightweight.SUNCREAT 26 Inch Firepit Review


  • Sturdy material
  • Includes mesh cover
  • Includes fire poker
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • No outdoor cover


The SUNCREST 26 Inch Fire Bowl Large Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit would make a great addition to any outdoor space where an outdoor fire pit is needed. It is a safe and quality product sold at a really affordable price.


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