Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review

Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review
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Are you looking forward to holding a special event/gathering, and you think the best aid in making it memorable is by using a fire pit? If yes, then we’ve got you a product that you might love to consider.

The Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave fire pit is what we recommend for you if you rarely need one that would brighten up the whole vicinity. It’s large enough to illuminate your Halloween fire night distinctively.

You can set in 2 x 2logs of wood inside it. Wait, are children around? If yes, then you’ve got no reason to be perplexed, you know why? It has an insulated ring bar that covers the 360 round-shape of the tip.

Of course, it has legs that ensure that it’s rigidly standing firm to the ground. The design of the fire pit is modern. Howbeit, if it’s properly maintained, then you can be sure of its longevity.

This is also one of the few that’s large, and you can quickly assemble and lug around as an adult. The bronze that’s made in the construction of this material is coated and eccentric.

Although its exterior looks cross-weaved, yet it holds in charcoal so well. Also, it has metallic mesh upon it that even makes the interior close to sight.

The delivery comes with a grate, which makes it very usable for crackling fires on food. And guess what? It comes with a fire poker that one can efficiently utilize to remove the fire screen when needed. It’s such a great unit that anyone can comfortably use.

Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review | 5 Major Features

Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review

1. Sleek Design

This is a fire pit that’s made of bronze. The design is very magnificent as the bronze is lightweight, and they are cross-weaved in an eccentric manner that no ember nor sparks would find a medium to escape.

Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review | 5 Major Features

The depth of the fire pit is large enough to contain twigs and large logs. It has a diameter of 36 inches and 11 inches deep.

Besides, it has three legs that aid it to stand sturdily. Of course, you can use a Barbeque grate for this since the only grate that it comes with can only be found and used at the bottom only.Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review

In other words, you can utilize it for cooking and cruising throughout a whole bonfire night. It weighs 29 pounds, which is quite fair for a great gathering.

Although it’s just 16 inches tall from the ground, it has a fancy look and design.

2. Versatility

As we stated earlier, this is a fire pit that saves you the hectic payment of utility bills if you plan to use it indoors.

The mesh around the fire pit makes it easy for the heat to be distributed in a building evenly. Also, provided you look forward to a great choice for outdoor games, then this is what you rarely need.

It’s so rigid when it’s assembled, and it can be used perfectly anywhere. Even though it’s bulky, yet it can easily be lugged around. The shape won’t limit the effective use of the fire pit.Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review

It’s so spacious, and there is a 360 degrees ring bar that surrounds the fire pit’s tip. This 9the ring bar) ensures that even while the logs are burning in the fire pit, you can still touch and move them from one place to another.

3. Method of Use

This fire pit has a warped bottom, which enables the easy assembling of woods in the pit. So, what one would have to do first is assembling woods and setting the woods ablaze.Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review

Afterward, it can be covered by a filter screen. Indeed, this (the fire screen) has a small loop at the top where users can insert their fire poker for the easy removal of the entire fire screen.

Once you’re done, you can clean the interior and the exterior by sweeping off the embers, charcoals, and residues away from it.

Nevertheless, please note that you are expected to rub every part of the fire pit with Rustoleum before using it again after the first use.

4. Advanced Luxury

This product comes with all the accessories that every individual needs to couple the fire pit together. It’s a unit that’s made of both bronze and steel.Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit Review

It comes with screws, bolts, and nuts make it a superb product for dependable purchase. Although the three legs keep it from occupying too much space, yet it’s wide and large that embers would find it difficult to escape even without the fire screen.

5. Safe for Use

While constructing this fire pit, the manufacturer put quite a lot of factors into consideration. It’s professionally made that you can use it around children because a ring bar goes around the tip to prevent mishaps.

In fact, it comes with a fire screen, which reduces the sparking of the fire. Besides, you can utilize it for a long period of time if it’s properly maintained.

Why Should You Use Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit?

  1. Accessories

This comes with all that you would need to assemble it. In fact, it even comes with a fire poker that you can use to remove the fire screen.

2. Luggable

Even though this is a fire pit that can solely be used outdoors, it can still be moved comfortably from one place to another. Also, it’s only lightweight if there is nothing on the inside.

3. Affordable

This is a magnificent product that you can purchase at an affordable price. It’s a product that you can budget on.

4. Dependability

Even though it has three legs, yet it stands firmly. It has room for ventilation, and its design is eccentric.

5. Functional

The exhilarating part of this unit is that it saves a good amount of ashes and charcoal. Therefore, if you’re an individual who doesn’t like your pavement to become messed up, you can opt for it.

Product Benefits
  • This has admirable looks with fantastic designs.
  • It’s a fire pit that is highly affordable.
  • It only has three separate legs.
  • It comes with a fire poker, fire screen, an instruction booklet, and the screws.
  • The coupling of the fire pit is straightforward.
  • You can move it from one place to another if it’s empty.
  • It can be preferably used outside than inside.
  • It’s highly reliable in saving spaces and conserving the charcoals.
  • This is a fire pit that’s backed by a year warranty.
The Negative Things
  • The fire screen that comes with it is incompatible with the 30 inches diameter.
  • The fire poker is very short.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I utilize this on a deck?

Answer: No! It would be best if you used it on a flat surface.

Q: Does it come with a grate?

Answer: There is a grate that lifts the bottom of the fire pit.

Q: I love the fact that it’s large, but does this have a rain drain?

Answer: No, it doesn’t, but it’s highly dependable.

Q: Where can I purchase screws that are perfect for the replacement of those in the accessories?

Answer: You can find them in your local hardware store, or you search for them on Amazon.

Q: Can I depend on it for long-term use?

Answer: Yes, but that’s if you consistently rub the wall in the interior with Rustoleum.


The Sunnydaze Large Bronze fire pit is a product that you can use indoor and outdoor, although it’s preferably used outdoor.

It’s a product that’s backed with a warranty, and buyers can depend on its use. In fact, it’s not pricey and can be used with ease.

Definitely, if our buyers need a fire pit that won’t just fulfill their primary wants but can be used for a very long time, then they can opt for this. It’s highly recommended for comfortable use.


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