XtremepowerUS Outdoor Patio Heater Review

XtremepowerUS Outdoor Patio Heater Review
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This fire pit is made from metal and finished in an attractive bronze color. It is quite large in size and stands tall at about 28 inches in height. Assembling this fire pit may be a bit of a headache, it has several parts, and it could take quite a while to put them all together.

The manufacturers included assembling instructions, but they do not really help as they are not well detailed. Nevertheless, after assembling, your fire pit will be ready to work, and it works great.XtremepowerUS Outdoor Patio Heater Review

The heat gotten from this fire pit should be enough to warm up to a good distance. It has an impressive heat output of 40,000 BTU. It uses a standard-sized propane gas tank, and it is to be hidden away in the base. This propane gas tank is not included. You can make use of a spare one if you have or buy a new one.

One of the major reasons customers prefer the gas fire pits to the wood-burning ones is that they are easier to use, and this product fits in that category of easy to use fire pits. This XtremepowerUS Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table uses an electronic ignition system that starts the fire with just a button’s push. The control system is hidden in the base, so it is not visible.XtremepowerUS Outdoor Patio Heater Review

The XtremepowerUS Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table is multi-functional as it can also serve as a normal table. There is a flat lid that covers the fire area and does the transformation. This product may not be the best when it comes to portability. It can be called a heavy one as it weighs over 100 pounds. It should be assembled in a likely permanent location.


  • Easy to use
  • High heat output


  • Hard to assemble


This product is a good one. If you need an outdoor gas fire pit to keep the place warm, it sure will get the job done. It is sold at a not too friendly price, but you will know why it costs that much when you make use of the fire pit.


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