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Portability is one key feature that can not be neglected when choosing an outdoor fire pit especially when it comes to camping. One very portable outdoor fire pit you can lay your hands on right now is the Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit. It is a very simple outdoor fire pit and unique as it is one of its kind.

Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

The Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit consists of just four strong steel legs and mesh material. The mesh material is fixed on top of the legs and woods are placed on top of the fire. This mesh is of quality, it is made from stainless steel and one would be surprised how it can hold up such a blazing fire and does not get burnt itself. The reason it holds up very good is that it is anti-cheating, it is capable of withstanding high heat and it is eco-friendly so ash and debris do not pass through it.

Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire PitAssembling the Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit will be one of the easiest tasks you will be doing on the day you purchased it. It is very easy to do and no tools are needed, all it takes is connected the mesh with the legs with the steel clips at the mesh edges and getting the legs standing by forming an interlocking base. The legs have caps at the end so it goes smooth on the ground and does not scratch or damage any surface.

Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

As Amazon’s choice for portable fire pit, the portability of this Rootless outdoor fire pit is rated at 99.9%. The mesh can be rolled and the legs are foldable, the fire pit turns to the tiny package when dissembled and everything is lightweight. A high quality velcro carry bag is included when you purchase this unit, you can put the rolled mesh and folded legs inside to make transporting easily and way convenient.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Includes Velcro Carry Bag
  • Easy to Set up


  • No mesh screen guard


This fire pit is one you can rely on, it has been picked over and over by so many customers because of its portability and you pay little to get it. However, you should not overload this fire pit to avoid it tipping over. The maximum it can hold is 5kg. There are also other safety precautions laid down by the manufacturers, do well to check it out and abide by it if you purchase this unit.


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