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The Roswita Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is a 32-inch square unit with a 26 inches height, about the size of a medium outdoor table. It is attractively designed with stars shapes in circles around the mesh sides and a sturdy base and frame made from steel with a bronze finish. The steel is weathered such that its color may change after some period of time, but that does not really affect its quality.

The fire bowl is deep for holding sufficient woods, and it is high tempered, so it does not get affected by the heat. You do have to assemble the fire pit after purchase, it is not too difficult, takes about 30 minutes to be completed, and a screwdriver is the only tool you would be needing.

To make the fire pit safe, there is a steel mesh spark screen to protect everyone around it from fire sparks and flying embers. An in-built wood grate is featured in the fire bowl, so you get to place your logs better, and a steel poker is included too for tending the fire and taking off the mesh spark screen.

You can as well use the fire pit for cooking outdoors, and it comes with a steel cooking grate that is meant for that. The only item left out when you get this wood burning fire pit is an outdoor cover, it is recommended that you order one separately as it is needed.

The Roswita Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is a portable piece, and it has a weight of just 30 lbs, so it is lightweight too. This fire pit is not the type to use on a wooden deck or grass surface, if you must use it on them, ensure to place a heat resistant barrier under it.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • In-built wood grate
  • Includes mesh spark screen
  • Includes cooking grate
  • Includes fire poker


  • No outdoor cover


The luxurious appearance of this fire pit makes it a nice addition to any outdoor space. The fire pit is not just all about the appearance as it is really functional and made from quality materials, so it lasts. It would make a good buy, and it is not expensive.


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