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When it comes to outdoor fire pits, wood-burning ones are the most used ones. In this review, we will be looking at one of the lot, the Sol 72 Outdoor Maui Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit.

Product Description and Features

Sol 72 outdoorThis fire pit from Sol 72 outdoor is a finely crafted one, it has a very large round fire bowl and three sturdy legs bents outwards. The fire bowl is designed like a cross weave, the design is attractive and it allows the fire to be seen from any angle. It is made from steel and the material feels very sturdy and not the type to crack easily. You have to assemble the fire pit after purchase, it is a quick and easy process that won’t take much of time.

Like earlier stated, this fire pit has a large fire bowl, the bowl is wide enough for you to put in as much woods as you want. No troubles from flying fire sparks and embers as they are all kept in the fire bowl by the mesh spark screen that covers the fire bowl. A fire poker is added too, with it you can safely tend the fire and take off the mesh cover when necessary. When this fire pit is not in use, it should be covered with an outdoor cover to ensure that it is protected.Sol 72 outdoor

You do not have to go get a separate cover as the fire pit comes with a waterproof one that can handle the job perfectly. The Sol 72 Outdoor Maui Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit weighs just 29 lb so it is not a heavy product and it can be transported with ease. You will find it easier by holding the iron ring round the fire bowl, it doubles as a handle and as a barrier so one doesn’t get too close to the fire pit.

The manufacturers do not recommend this fire pit for indoor use. You should never use it indoors and if you are to use it on a wooden deck, make sure you have a heat resistant surface under it.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Includes Mesh Spark Screen
  • Includes Outdoor Cover
  • Includes Fire Poker




Being made with quality and light to move around makes this fire pit recommended and also, it comes with all one would need in an outdoor fire pit.



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