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Outdoor fire pits are no doubt one of the most wanted products today. The need to keep oneself warm when outdoors especially during cold evenings is very important.

You can not just set up a fire outdoors without a fire pit unless of course, you want to burn down the whole place. Fire pits are available in different sizes so no matter the size of fire you intend to create, you would find the perfect match.

Below are the top 60 outdoor fire pits listed in no particular order

1. Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

This fire pit creates no mess, everything is well contained. You no longer need to spend money on firewood if you need a camp fire. Setting up this fire pit is quick and easy, it comes almost ready so very little installation is needed, you do not make use of any tools. This fire pit is a very portable one, it is made from high quality steel material and styled with a powder coating so it very durable. The burner and fasteners are also made from steel, It has a total output of 58,000 BTU/HR and it produces a smokeless flame. The Outland Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit can serve anywhere an outdoor fire pit is needed, it is a top choice for most customers.

2. Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit

This product has received a lot of positive reviews from customers so it is certainly a very functional one. Talk about portability, the fire pit is every word of it as you can easily take it along with you anywhere you go. After purchasing, no much work is needed in assembling as you can do that easily even without using any tools. This fire pit has a steel bowl which is about 22 inches deep, it also comes with a mesh fire screen, cooking grate and a wooden grate. The legs can be easily folded for easy and more convenient storage. This fire pit comes with a vinyl carry bag which you can use in packing it. It is also very affordable when compared to most fire pit products so there is more than enough reason why you should consider buying it.

3. Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

Big Sky Stars and Moons, that’s the design featured in this Fire pit which makes it really attractive. You would really appreciate the design when you make use of it in the night, it sure draws a lot of attention. Apart from that, this fire pit is among the best due to its solid and sturdy construction. The fire bowl is about 23 and a half inch deep and this fire pit is not really heavy, it weighs lesser than 35 pounds. It features a spark screen that helps protect you or anyone around it from starry sparks which are common with outdoor fires. A cooking grate is also included and the safety ring that goes around it allows this fire pit to be easily carried around. This fire pit from Landmann is also a durable one, it can last for years.

4. AmazonBasics 26-Inch Portable Folding Fire Pit

Coming from Amazon, we have one of the best outdoor fire pits. The AmazonBasics Fire Pit was well constructed with all parts to make it very functional. It takes very less time to assemble, all components come ready so assembling is very easy. This fire pit has a painted steel bowl that is up to 26 inches, it also features a fire screen so it is impossible for fire sparks to reach anyone around it. It is a very portable one and just as the “foldable” in the description states, it can be easily folded for compact storage. A carry bag for easy carrying is also included and this product covered with a year warranty upon purchase.

5. Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

This fire pit is a relatively large one, it is fire boxed design so you can have a view of the fire from any angle you might be. The fire bowl is about 26 inches deep which is OK enough for outdoor use. This product also features a spark screen, all embers are well contained and nothing flies out. There is a built-in wood grate and a poker too and the fire pit stands on four legs. With a weight of about 22 pounds, this fire pit is not really heavy which makes it very portable. There is a big cover for it, this cover covers the fire pit completely and can withstand moisture. Made of steel and bronze, this Landmann fire pit is one that is durable and will last.

6. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

This fire pit is more different than the common ones we have. I think the manufacturers really wanted to produce something different when they came up with this unique styled outdoor fire pit. The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit is made of stainless steel which are very shiny and it has vent holes all round at the bottom which pulls in air to keep the fire blazing. This fire pit is about 14 inches deep and the opening at the top is about 19.5 inches wide. It is really not heavy, has a weight of 25 lbs and there is a carry bag it comes along with, a big one that can contain it properly.

7. Yaheetech 32″ Outdoor Metal Fire pit

The Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Fire pit is a table designed fire pit, it is completely built with all essential components. The table serves as the frame that the fire pit is built on and it is a 32″ square table with a height of 14.4″. Made from iron mesh, the fire bowl it features is heat resistant, which is good and it has holes drilled that lets out ash. It features a log grate, poker and waterproof cover which will be appreciated in case of rain fall.

8. Sunnydaze Large Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit 31 inches in depth is more than enough to serve you if you need an outdoor fire pit, this fire pit from Sunnydaze is just that and more as well. It is well designed and constructed which makes it the ideal sized outdoor fire pit. Assembly this fire pit is as easy as the word easy it self and it is very portable to move around. This fire pit is a long lasting one as it is made from steel then finished with a oil rubbed bronze high temperature paint with a cross weave design to give it a sophisticated look. It also comes with a wood grate and a weather resistant cover to protect it from unlikely weather conditions.

9. Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl

The Sorbus Fire Pit Bowl is an easy to use one and it sure brings about liveliness when it lights up. Painted in black and made from quality steel, this fire bowl will last for a long time if handled accordingly. It is decoratively constructed with a round fire bowl which measures about 22 inches in diameter and has a height of 18 inches. By following the assembly instructions, you would have this fire pit standing outside in no time. This fire pit features a mesh cover, the mesh cover serves as a protector, it prevents fire sparks from reaching people around the bowl.

10. BioLite FirePit Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit Grill

This is another uniquely designed – grill designed – outdoor fire pit. It does not let out much smoke and it contain both wood and charcoal. It is mesh designed so you can have a view of the fire any angle you are. You can control the flame as it has 4 different fan speeds. This fire pit is up to 10 inches in height and 27 inches wide. You can easy carry it around, thanks to the carry handle and the legs are foldable so it can be stored in less space. You can control this fire pit with your phone using Bluetooth when you download its free app and you can charge it using USB or by purchasing a separate solar cover.

11. F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel Hex Shape 24″ Fire Pit

Here we have a hexagonal (6 sides) shaped fire pit. This F2C fire pit is made from sturdy bronze material and styled with a black finish. The fire pit is covered with a fire screen, the fire screen is meshed and heat resistant. The fire bowl is also constructed with mesh patterns which allows for easy viewing from any point. Being meshed also allows proper flow of air so the fire burns with efficient energy. Also, this F2C outdoor fire pit is lightweight, you can conveniently move it around your yard without stress as it weighs just 15 lbs.

12. Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

Looking at this fire pit, one may wonder what it is because it looks way different from any other one earlier mentioned. The thing is, the Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit is actually one of the best outdoor fire pit and one you should consider buying. This fire pit features a foldable base and a roll-able mesh. To use it, you just have to set up the base and place the mesh on top of it, then you load your fire woods and light up your fire, very easy. You can say this fire pit is more than heavy because the base and roll-able mesh are of very minimal weight. Carrying it is also easy as it features a carry bag. If you really enjoy traditional methods of setting up an outdoor fire, then this fire pit is for you.

13. Outland Firebowl 823 Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

This is a gas fire pit, so you certainly do not have to worry about smoke disturbing you as it produces a smokeless flame. This fire pit is very safe to use and it is constructed with high quality steel material and well coated too to ensure durability. The fire bowl is about 11 inches in height and it gives out sufficient heat to warm you outdoors. From its appearance one can see that it is not too big, it is light weight and doesn’t not consume much storage space. All you need to set it up comes complete in the fire kit and you can assemble it very quickly. This outdoor fire pit also features a regulator which is adjustable and a chrome valve knob so you can adjust the flame height.

14. Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

A couple of Landmann products have been mentioned earlier in this list, and here is yet another, there may still be more to come. This fire pit is looks like a giant ball, or rather a globe, when lit up with flames at night, one can’t help but to admire. This spherical shaped fire pit is meshed, you can view the flame anywhere you are. With a fire bowl measuring 30 inches in diameter, It opens with a pivot style so you can easily carry out a refill when needed

It is possible for this outdoor fire pit to last for years with steady use as it is made all round with steel so it does not wear off easily.

15. BestMassage Outdoor Fire Pit

This fire pit is produced with durable steel material and features a unique design. You should not be carried away with the attractive design of this fire pit, it performs very well too which is why it is among the top ones you can buy. This outdoor fire pit features a mesh lid which acts as a cover on the fire pit to prevent fire sparks from flying out. And just like an extra, this fire pit comes with a handy tool which can be used to poke wood or in taking off the mesh cover.

16. Best Choice Products 30in Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

Best choice products are really the best choice for most customers and this outdoor patio fire pit happens to be one of their best products. This fire pit is star and moon designed which compliments its overall well constructed structure. This is a very durable product, it is constructed from sturdy steel with a spark screen lid to cover the fire bowl. It also features a cooking grate so yeah, you can grill up foods if you feel like. With 22 pounds weight, this product is not too heavy and moving it around will not be so much of a work to do.

17. Best Choice Products 22in Outdoor Patio Steel BBQ Grill Fire Pit

The follow up here is yet another product from the Best Choice manufacturers but this is the 22 inches version. Made from high quality and heat resistant steel material, this fire pit can be set up at a go. The legs are styled, the style is actually not for fancy as it ensures that this fire pit is stable when it stands. The best choice fire pit is more smaller and a ideal outdoor fire pit especially for outdoor cooking purposes. The size also makes storing this fire pit easier and thanks to the mesh screen it features, fire sparks are prevented from flying out.

18. CobraCo FB8001 Aegean Steel Fire Pit

This fire pit has a vintage but yet classic design with a well constructed base so it stands firm. There is so much to its size, not too big or small but OK enough for an outdoor fire. It is made from durable steel material so it is sure to be very strong and durable, also it is powder coated in black finish. The CobraCo Steel fire pit is one that is easy to assemble and you can do that easily too. All instructions needed for a successful installation is provided along with all hardware you would need. Sparks cannot escape this fire pit as the protective mesh screen prevents that from happening. A vinyl cover is provided so you can safe store this fire pit when you are not using it.

19. Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

The Heininger fire pit is one Ideal for setting up anywhere an outdoor fire pit is needed. Heininger manufacturers always try to make sure that their product has quality and is among the very best. This outdoor fire pit is a 58,000 BTU propane fire pit, the fire pit is about 19 inches in diameter and when lit up, it produces a smokeless fire which still produces sufficient heat to warm everyone close to it. Assembling is really not a work, you can say no assembly is required as all parts comes ready, you just place the rocks in the fire bowl, connect the propane hose to the tank and you are good. Carrying this fire pit won’t be much a task, it is very light weight and has a very portable structure.

20. Sorbus Fire Pit 22″

Sorbus do produce quality products and this sure is one of the many. This fire pit measures 22 inches, with a rounded fire bowl and stylishly curved legs, the design of this outdoor fire pit is just on point. It comes with everything you would need in an outdoor fire pit, a mesh fire screen is provided to keep the fire contained while blazing. Also, it features a grill so you can prepare quick foods. The legs are lockable which ensures it does not fall off when set up, they are also foldable making storage more compact. For carrying around, you have the carry bag to thank as it makes it really easy.

21. Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Here we have another propane gas fire pit but a very unique one as regards to its design. It is a 30,000 BTU liquid propane fire pit and burns just like a real fire but more advantageous as you don’t have to deal with smokes and ashes. It is not meshed, it is well covered so you do not see the source of the fire, just the flames it creates which does the warming. After putting the lava stones, you do as little as just pushing the ignite button to start the fire. But, with a weight of about 61 pounds, you would really not want to be carrying it around, a permanent position is best to place it. Other than that, this outdoor fire pit is a quality one, the materials it is made from are sturdy and it will last you for years.

22. TACKLIFE Fire Pit

Tacklife Fire pit is a well built one, made from premium steel material and a it has a very stable structure. From the design, it looks more like a giant stove, but a very stylish one in black finish with an ignition made from stainless steel. With the Tacklife Fire Pit, you do not need to worry about smoke or dirty ashes as it makes use of liquid propane fuel. It uses lava stones and produces heat up to 50,000 BTU so it warms everyone and everything around it. Also, you would not be required to do any assembling, all parts comes ready you just have to do a little and very quick installation. It has a cover lid with a buckle for locking when not in use and a handle too so you can carry it with ease.

23. Pure Garden Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

This Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table is a table like square outdoor fire pit. It is made from quality steel material which is powder coated and weather resistant. The border around this fire pit is styled with marble tile which gives it a pleasant appearance. It is well constructed to be sturdy with a well fitted fire bowl to hold the burning woods. A log grate and log poker is included and the spark screen stops fire sparks from reaching people around the fire. There is a large cover material that you can use in covering it up when not in use.

24. Loon Peak Sherry Polyresin Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Loon Peak did a good job with producing this fire pit table. This fire pit is all shades of durability as it is made from all weather metal material and comes ready so no installation is needed. It is a propane gas and releases an output of about 40000 BTU. The flame can be adjusted to either a low setting when the nights are warm or to a higher setting when the nights are really cold. It is one of those outdoor fire pits which you just place in a permanent location, it is not so much portable. Whether it rains or it shines, the exterior of this fire pit is made from polyresin so no harm comes to it.

25. Maui Steel Fire Pit by Sol 72 Outdoor

This steel fire pit is a wood burning fire pit and a very durable one too. It is well designed and meshed, if you are the type enjoy watching a blazing fire you would love it. You need to assemble it but that is not a task at all, it is very easy and within few minutes you are done. It comes with a log grate and a fire poker, also there is a spark screen to contain fire sparks. When not in use, you can keep it secure by covering it with the weather resistant cover that is also included. It is also portable as it does not have much weight, changing its location would be easy. You would really enjoy this Maui Steel Fire Pit if you need an outdoor fire pit for a camp fire, it is really recommended.

26. Fire Sense Sporty Campfire Portable Gas Fire Pit

This is a product that the Fire Sense manufacturers are very proud of. Standing on 4 legs, this is a 15 diameter styled with a dark brown finish. It is a propane gas fire pit and has an output capacity of 60,000 BTU, really powerful and the flame can be adjusted to either low or high depending on how you want it. Lava stones are also included so the flame gets to appear more natural. Though it comes with a hose for easy attachment, it does not come with a propane tank, you will have to provide that your self. This fire pit is lightweight and portable, the legs are lockable and foldable, it allows you to easily set it up and also makes it easy to transport. A cover lid is provided too, when not in use, you can cover and lock it.

27. UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire Pit

Talk about simplicity, that is what this stainless steel fire pit is all about. Its design makes it very portable, I believe one can lift it with just one arm, it weighs as little as 2 pounds. It’s main function is to serve as an outdoor steel grill for making foods but it can still serve just as any outdoor fire would. Despite its nature, this fire pit is a sturdy and we’ll constructed one made out of stainless steel which is rust and corrosion resistant. Setting it up is quick and easy, the manufacturers say it takes just 30 seconds to set up and it’s so. This stainless steel fire pit will serve you well especially for camping purposes.

28. Giantex 30″ Square Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

This is a square fire pit with so much space at the top. So much space surrounds the fire area, this is good and ideal for safety reasons too so things or perhaps kids don’t easily fall in to fire and injure themselves. It features an iron burner that delivers a maximum output of 50,000 BTU and creates a stunning and attractive flame. Lighting up this fire pit is easy as you can do that by simply pushing the ignition button. It uses lava rocks but unlike most Propane Gas Fire pits, this Giantex fire pit has its propane tank hidden inside the base of the fire pit. You still do have to install it and you can access it by opening the side door.  Water proof cover is also included and it helps prevent this fire pit from days when it rains.

29. Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

Double flame is just the name of the manufacturers, not like this fire pit burns with a double flame. Aside that, this fire pit is a very powerful one and one worth spending money on. The Double Flame Patio Fire Pit is ideal for setting up anywhere at all, it is made from 304 stainless steel and we’ll constructed to be durable. It is a wood burning fire pit and it sure puts up very good flames. Much smoke is not released as this fire pit has holes along the rim where the smoke mixes with air. It can fit a grill, though it doesn’t come with one so you would have to buy it separately if you need it.

30. Landmann 25319 Haywood Wildlife Sturdy Steel Fire Pit

This fire pit looks like a cage, the type where you keep birds and other little animals and it sure can be mistaken to be one. Notwithstanding, this Landmann product is a well constructed fire pit made from sturdy steel material. It is constructed in a way that makes assembly so easy and no much of a work. The fire place is large, about 20 inches and it is all round meshed so one can conveniently view the fire from any angle. It uses wood to burn and it has a front door hanging on hinges so one can access the fire place. The fire box below the fire place is decorated with attractive designs and a poker and a wooden grate are included.


This is not just a fire pit, but a luxurious one that can style and taste to your anywhere it is set up. It is a table top fire pit with much space surrounding the fire area. The Bali outdoors fire pit is about 28 inches talk and burns with propane gas and lava rocks, it gives out a 50,000 BTU. It uses a stainless steel burner which you can see as it hidden away, you get to see the ignition button which you use to start the fire. It has a spacious interior where a 20 lbs propane tank – which you will have to purchase separately – can be placed and there is a front door opening for easy access. It is a heavy fire pit though, it weighs about 70 lbs when completely assembled.

32. DeckMate Kay Home Product’s Avondale Steel Fire Bowl

It is easy to set up a blazing out door wire with the DeckMate Steel Fire Bowl. This fire bowl is a decorative one, it is made from steel but styled with a vintage copper color to make it look attractive. You can burn both wood and artificial logs in the fire bowl. The fire bowl is large, about 29 inches in diameter and it features an in-built log rest which makes sure that there is complete circulation of air in the bowl. The bowl cover is meshed and there is also a spark screen to provide protection from sparks. The DeckMate Kay Avondale Steel Fire Bowl is quite easy to set up, just little time is taken and it stands on four legs which makes it stable.  To keep it safe from damages, you will have to buy a fire pit cover as it does not come with one.

33. Endless Summer, GAD1429SP, Gas Outdoor Fireplace with Slate Mantel

This Brand wants you to enjoy outdoor living and this product can really make you enjoy it. It is a table top fire pit and features what the manufacturers tagged “a wicker base design”. This fire pit is made from steel, heat resistant steel to be precise and the top is made with slate tile. You do not need any tools to install this fire pit, it is very simple to install and doesn’t take time. It is a Gas Fire Pit so it features a 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner and an electronic ignition system to start the fire. Lava rocks are included but you would however need to buy the gas tank yourself.

34. Endless Summer, GLT1343SP, LP Gas Outdoor Table Top Fireplace

I decided to follow up with another wonderful product from the same Endless Summer manufacturers. This is yet another table top designed outdoor fire pit and it uses Gas as well. This one has a more stylish design than the previously mentioned. If you really love style you would really like this product but it is much smaller in size though it makes it very portable. This fire pit measures 15″ and features a 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner. It comes with a unique black fire glass which adds more beauty to the flames as they burn. The control panel is well hidden inside and it is operated with an ignition control. Just like the previous, you have to buy the LP tank yourself, it doesn’t come with one.

35. Char-Broil Portable Fire bowl

This outdoor fire bowl is not called a portable fire bowl for nothing, it is indeed a very portable one as it is exceptionally light weight with a weight of just about 16 pounds. The way it is constructed also adds to its portability. With a fire bowl made from matte porcelain enamel and legs made from steel, this fire pit will surely last. For its size, it does not take up much storage space and the legs are foldable too making storage more better. It comes with a fire poker, screen lifter and grill accessory, all this along with the fire bowl can be fitted in the heavy-duty Campfire2Go travel case that is included.

36. Sun Joe SJFP35-STN Cast Stone Base, Wood Burning Fire Pit

This should be the first cast stone fire pit mentioned in this list. It is an outdoor fire pit designed to deliver warmth to who ever needs it. The Sun Joe fire pit is a wood burning fire pit and it can hold wood logs up to 21 inches in length. The fire bowl it features is large, measures about 29 inches and is heat resistant so it hardly gets hot. A screen hook that is about 24 inches in length is also included, it is very long and good too so you do not have to come real close to the fire to use it. The Sun Joe fire pit should be placed in an ideal permanent position, it will be too much of a work to change its location after assembling.

37. Outsunny Square 32″ Outdoor Backyard Patio Metal Firepit

This is a wood burning fire pit, it is not an ideal one to use for cooking but still great if you want to have an amazing outdoor time at night. This fire pit measures about 31 inches, made from sturdy steel material and decorated with slate tile. The fire basin contained is heat resistant, no much worries about it getting hot from the fire. As you relax around it, you do not have to worry about fire sparks and ashes reaching you, there is a protective spark screen which its work is to prevent that from happening. This fire pit is really recommended and it is durable, If used and maintain properly, it can last for many years.

38. XtremepowerUS Out door Patio Heaters LPG Propane Fire Pit Table

This product is a nice looking one, it is made to last as it was constructed with durable steel material. To make it more attractive and perfect for outdoor use, it was styled with a bronze finish. This Fire Pit is a propane gas fire pit, the fire is operated using an ignition. It delivers so much quality as it gives out up to 40,000 BTUs to keep the surroundings warm. This fire pit uses a 20 lb propane tank though you will have to buy it as a separate product. The 20 lb tank is well hidden inside the base and you can assess it by using the base door in front. It also features a thermocouple flame failure device which supervises the fire.

39. Endless Summer, GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl

The first impression you get from seeing this outdoor fire is that it has a very beautiful design. It is well constructed and the top is covered with multi-coloured slate and marble tile. This Gas Outdoor fire pit brings total warmth when lit up as it emits up to 40,000 BTU of heat. It features a cast iron burner that burns clean and does not produce ashes. Assembly is simple, no tools are needed for it though it may take a bit of time. It comes with lava rocks and logs that adds beauty to the fire and features an ignition for starting the fire. The base holds the propane tank which you have to get yourself and there is a door in front for easy access.

40. BestMassage 30″ Fire Pit Round Outdoor FirePit Metal Fire Bowl

BestMassage 30″ Fire pit gives you total comfort as you enjoy your time outdoors. It is made from coated metal, corrosion and rust resistant metal, very durable and does not take much time to assemble. The design is simple but awesome, well decorated so that this fire pit looks very attractive. This round fire pit is very stable when assembled as it stands on 3 legs. A protective fire screen lid is included which helps to prevent fire sparks from flying out and a poker too is also included for you to use.  It is a light weight and very portable fire pit, it features rails which makes moving it from a place to the other very easy.

41. Bonnlo 32” Fire Pit Outdoor Wood Burning Table

You can set the Bonnlo 32” Outdoor Fire Pit anywhere and it would fit just fine. This fire pit features a very stylish and unique design. It is made from steel and well constructed to be heat resistant. For a fire pit, it creates a really lively outdoor fire and the fire bowl is a very deep one. Fire sparks are well controlled by the fire screen, they do not escape the fire pit. There is much space at the top as it is a table top fire pit, you can place your drinks on top as you enjoy the warmth from the fire. Also included is a poker and wood grate, the Bonnlo 32” Wood Burning outdoor Fire Pit is definitely worth getting.

42. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

The Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit looks very small in size but it cannot be under estimated as it is a high performing fire pit. It is a quality outdoor fire pit with an innovative design that does just bring warmth but also adds style to the environment. It measures 35″ in diameter and is constructed out of premium steel material finished in a bronze colour. For your safety, the manufacturers included a fire screen to contain flying fire sparks from escaping the fire bowl. It features a removable wood grate so you can quickly and easily place your logs. One really interesting feature is the screen lift tool, with it, your hands do not go too close to the fire when you intend to take off or place the lid.

43. Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

When talking about the top brand and manufacturers of outdoor fire pits or fireplaces in general, you are likely to always come across Pleasant Hearth, they are a top brand in the industry. The products they produce are usually of good quality, durable and very functional which is just how this extra deep wood burning fire pit is. It is a large fire pit, extra deep as it measures 26 inches. The fire burns very bright and consistent thanks to the CirculAir feature which ensures proper flow of oxygen all around the fire pit. It comes with a cooking grill which you can insert when you feel like making something quick to eat. For sure this fire pit will make your outdoor time more enjoyable, it is recommended.

44. AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit with Copper Accents

AmazonBasics need no introduction, many customers trust their products as they are coming from Amazon themselves. This product is Amazon’s choice for “fire pits” not because it is their product but mainly because of how functional it is. This fire pit is all shades of style from the way it was designed. The exterior is made from natural stone and copper accents, it is colorful and very attractive. The fire bowl is well crafted from black steel and measures about 22 inches in diameter. A log grate and fire screen is provided too, the fire screen dome shaped which compliments the stylish nature of this fire pit. You get a 1 year warranty when you purchase this product, it is worth your money.

45. Catalina Creations 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

This is an ideal fire pit to enjoy your time outdoors especially at night. It is designed with stars and moons on both sides which comes alive and create an appealing sight at night when the fire pit is blazing. It is made from cast iron constructed like a cauldron – or better still, it is a cauldron fire pit. The base is made from high grade steel and well coated. With the type of materials this fire pit is made from, it would be no surprise seeing it lasting for many years. Also included is a spark screen for containing fire sparks, a lifting tool to easily lift the screen

and a log grate. When not in use, the weather resistant outdoor cover is there to keep it secure and safe. With this fire pit, your backyard can feel like your living room because of how comfortable you will feel.

46. Aurora 18.5-Inch Steel Gas Fire bowl

Most Gas Fire pits are usually big and heavy, but the Aurora Steel Gas Fire Bowl is way different. It is a very portable and lightweight fire pit and currently Amazon’s choice for “Portable Gas Fire Pit”. This fire pit is strong and sturdy which is expected due to the steel material it is made from. As small and light weight as the Aurora Steel Fire Bowl is, it emits a whooping 50,000 BTU of heat, competing with much bigger gas fire pits. It uses propane gas which is operated with a regulator and comes with pumice stones for the fire. A 20 pound external propane tank is recommended and though It does not come with one, it comes with a gas hose for connecting and a tank holder.

47. Landmann USA 25722 Redford Outdoor Fireplace

This fire pit is a chiminea (if you know what that means). Landmann has a lot of quality fire pit products and they always try to produce something different each time so they came up with this chiminea-like design. Made from steel, this Redford Outdoor fire pit takes little time to assemble and stands on four legs to ensure stability. It is squared (looks like a cage) and has metal grates on all four sides which acts as a protection against fire sparks and also allows for all round viewing of the fire. This fire pit has a lid, a pitched one which also serves as a chimney for smokes to go out through the top. The double hinged doors in front allows for easy access to the fire place. A wood grate and a poker about 24 inches in length is also included.

48. SUNCREAT 26 Inch Fire Bowl

The SUNCREAT 26 Inch Fire Bowl is a large outdoor wood burning fire pit with a unique design to bring decor wherever it is assembled. To assemble this fire pit is not difficult at all and you can change its position if you want as it is light weight and very portable. Having being constructed from heavy duty steel material, well powder coated and rust resistant, this fire pit has all it takes for a product to be durable. This fire pit can contain a good amount of wood despite its size. It features a removable mesh cover, you can sit close to this fire pit without worrying about fire sparks reaching you. When you need to take off the cover, its likely to be hot and you can’t touch with your hands so a poker is included.

49. Regal Flame Camp Mate Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

The Regal Flame Camp Mate Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit is an ideal fire pit for camping. Not just for camping alone though, it can still serve anywhere an outdoor fire pit is required. Made from durable steel material, this fire pit is a propane gas fire pit and not too big in size which makes it portable. This fire pit burns clean, no smoke is released and it emits about 58,000 BTU of heat which is more than enough to warm everyone around it. It features a stainless steel burner and uses a 20 lb gas tank – which you have to purchase yourself – and burns slowly but effective, a full tank can last for close to 15 hours.

50. Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table

This is a well constructed propane fire pit, it is built to be durable with a weather resistant concrete material. It is rectangular in shape and has a secure base for storing the propane gas tank. The flame is adjustable and in its highest level emits about 50,000 BTU. The Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table is quite a heavy fire pit, moving it around is not really what you would like to be doing so it’s best you place it in a permanent location. Well, this product is expensive, it really does cost a whole lot. But, it can be bought on affirm which allows you to make monthly payments for your purchase at a certain percentage between 10 – 30%. It can take about 10 months or more to complete the payment. If you have the money to spend, you should buy it as it can last for you a lifetime.

51. Bond 50660 14.4″ Table Fire Pit

Many readers might be seeking for a mini fire pit, something they can just set on top of their table, this one from Bond can serve you real good. It is really simple to assemble – you are really not assembling anything though – and it really looks night when placed on top of the table. The Bond Table fire pit uses propane gas, it is a small one and a 1 lb tank will be OK to power it up. It sure does warm people around it as it emits about 15,000 BTU of heat despite its size. It will make a good buy, if you need a mini fire pit you can try it.

52. Bessemer 01471 28″ Patio Fireplace

This outdoor fire pit is recommended for use in the Patio. You get a full view of the fire from the steel fire screen that surrounds it which also acts as protection against fire sparks. The Bessemer Patio Fire place is a really portable one, it is not too heavy, you would not even need to lift it if you want to change its position. It features a handle and 2 sturdy wheels, moving a fire pit around can never get easier. The top is shaped like a dome so heat and smoke are channeled out upwards. There is a steel grate so you can easily place your logs Also, you can easily tend the fire through the large single door it features.

53. Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl, X-Large

The Esschert Design Fire Bowl is a very simple designed product. There is no much style added to it just a fire bowl with a base. Whereas style is needed,  the important thing is how well the product can perform and this fire pit performs up to par. This fire pit is made from steel metal and finished in black paint, the material is durable and can last for as long as you would need it to. This fire pit is a wood burning one and the fire bowl is quite spacious so it can contain a good amount of woods to start the fire and there is a drain hole in the bottom to drain water.  The Esschert Design For Bowl is a bit weighty but still portable, might cost you a bit.

54. Freeport Park Lewisville Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

This Fire Pit from Freeport Park is a quality one, it creates a really wide fire with its rectangular fire bowl. It has a good design and was constructed from high grade steel with a black paint finish. The fire pit has four standing legs, which makes it very stable and it the fire bowl stands about 4 inches away from the ground. It burns with either charcoal or wood as fuel, the fire bowl is wide and can hold a good number of them. This fire pit has a fire spark screen included for preventing fire sparks from escaping the fire, a cooking grill is added too. This product is a durable one and also very functional, purchasing it will be worth it.

55. Pleasant Hearth Hudson Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Here we have another product from Pleasant Hearth,  and one with a very modern design. Styled in a wenge finish, the material it is made from is steel, it is of high quality and weather resistant. This fire pit burns wood, it features an in-built wood grate with holes that ensures proper circulation of air which helps keep the fire consistent. It features a spark screen for containing sparks and fire poker. A PVC cover is included to keep it safe when not in use. The Hudson Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is a costly one, but you can pay for it monthly using affirm till the money is completed.

56. Sol 72 Outdoor Roswita Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

This wood burning fire pit features a very fine design, it was built to last with sturdy steel and weather resistant material. It weighs 30lb so it is not that heavy and quite portable. This fire pit comes with a spark screen, it contains the fire sparks and stop them from escaping the fire. To further increase its functionality, a steel poker, cooking grate and built-in wood grate is also included. I would recommend this fire pit for a nighttime party, it is an ideal one and would keep the place warm while you enjoy yourself.

57. Astella Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

The Astella Steel Wood burning fire pit is a very spacious and well constructed fire pit that can serve anywhere an fire pit is needed. This product is manufactured from heat resistant steel material with a complimenting design that ensures that you have a very comfortable time when you relax outdoors. You can assemble it as easy and quick as possible It is a very large fire pit with a long fire bowl which can contain lots of wood. You can store extra logs in the space underneath the fire bowl. Despite its size, it is lightweight and a portable fire pit.

58. Davey Stone Propane Fire Pit Table by Loon Peak

This is a stone fire pit, it is made of stone with a base made from brick and is weather resistant. It is well designed and styled such that it appears very attractive. This fire pit uses propane gas and the flame is adjustable so you lower it on those not too cold evenings. It emits about 40,000 BTU of heat so it is a very powerful fire pit. It comes with a cover to protect it when not in use.

59. Sunjoy Heirloom Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This product is very classy, it looks more like a house than an outdoor fire pit. Its stylish design will make almost anyone fall in love with it and consider buying it. It is a wood burning fire pit made of stone and very durable with a spark screen cover. It features two front doors that grants you easy access to tend the fire and a chimney which helps direct the smoke outdoors. A log grate and fire poker is included along with a cover.

60. Living Source International Santiago Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

This concrete fire pit happens to be the last one my list. From its appearance you can tell that it is a very stylish and well constructed fire pit. Made from concrete, this fire pit burns with propane gas and emits up to 50,000 BTU of heat. It is a heavy product and not the type to be moved around. The fire pit features an ignition for starting the fire and the flame is adjustable. Lava rocks and a long hose are also provided, you would however need to purchase the gas tank separately.


Q: How much does an outdoor fire pit cost?

A: The price of an outdoor fire pit differs as these product all from different manufacturers, types and have different features.

Q: Do gas fire pits need to be covered?

A: Yes, they should be covered specifically when not in use. It helps protects them especially against certain weather conditions like rainfall.

Q: How far should a fire pit be from house?

A: Outdoor fire pits should not be kept very close to the house especially the very big ones. It is recommended that you keep it at least 10 feet away.

Q: How long does a 20lb propane tank last on a fire pit?

A: It depends on the size of the fire pit and how much heat it can deliver. Generally, a 20lb tank should last for up to 5 hours.


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