10 Forgotten Christmas Traditions That Will Add Spark to Your Holidays

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The holiday season brings to mind indulgent treats, twinkling lights, and exchanging gifts with loved ones. As we gear up for the most-awaited celebration of the year, let’s not forget some of the forgotten Christmas traditions. These traditions have been around for decades, but have somehow lost their luster over the years. Here are ten forgotten Christmas traditions that you might want to revive this year:

1. Christmas Pyramids

Originating from the Ore Mountains of Germany, Christmas pyramids are powered by the rising heat from the candles at the base. They were originally used in medieval times to represent the Holy Family. Nowadays, they come in various sizes and designs, and make an excellent decoration that can be passed down from generation to generation.

2. Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes remind us of the real meaning behind Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ. Sadly, they have become increasingly rare in households over the years. Similar to Christmas pyramids, nativity scenes too come in different sizes and styles, and can be a fantastic family activity.

3. Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are fun little packages that come with a surprise inside. They usually contain a small toy or trinket, a paper hat, and a joke. They have been a staple in British households for over 150 years. Crackers are perfect to share with family and friends after Christmas dinner.

4. Kissing Boughs

Kissing boughs are a festive decoration made of holly, mistletoe, and ivy. Traditionally, they were hung from the ceiling and decorated with apples, ribbons, and candles. They were a great way to bring nature inside and add some warmth to the home on cold winter nights.

5. Yule Logs

Nowadays, Yule logs are merely tasty treats, but they originated as large logs which were lit in the hearth at Christmas time. They were meant to bring good luck to the household in the coming year. Burning a Yule log is a great way to connect with our ancestors and get cozy in front of the fire.

6. Wassailing

Wassail is spiced ale or mulled cider that is traditionally consumed on Christmas Eve. In medieval times, wassailing referred to the act of going door-to-door to wish your neighbors good health, and offering them wassail in exchange for a small fee. It’s an excellent way to bond with your community and spread some cheer.

7. Advent Calendars

Advent calendars have been around since the early 19th century. They usually have 24 little doors or drawers, one for each day leading up to Christmas. Behind each door, there’s a small gift or piece of chocolate. You can purchase pre-made ones, or have fun creating your own with family and friends.

8. Christmas Pickle

This tradition originated from Germany and is still popular in some parts of the US. An ornament shaped like a pickle is hidden in the Christmas tree. The first person to find it receives a special gift or extra present. It’s a fun way to add a little excitement to the gift-giving.

9. Mummering

Mummering is a Newfoundland tradition that involves dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door and performing a small play, singing carols or even dancing. It’s a great way to bring neighbors together and inject some light-hearted fun into the festive season.

10. Feast of Seven Fishes

This one is for seafood lovers. The Feast of Seven Fishes is an Italian-American Christmas Eve tradition that involves serving seven different seafood dishes. It’s believed to have originated in Southern Italy, where it was customary to fast on Christmas Eve before indulging in a grand feast on Christmas Day.

Concluding Thoughts on Forgotten Christmas Traditions

Rekindling forgotten Christmas traditions can add a touch of nostalgia and make the holiday season more meaningful. Whether it’s making a Yule log or wassailing with your neighbors, there is something for everyone. These traditions can also be a way to bond with family and create lasting memories. It’s time we revive some of these lost traditions and embraced the unique customs of our ancestors.

FAQs about Forgotten Christmas Traditions

Q. Why are these traditions forgotten?

A. As times change, so do our traditions. But just because they may not be as popular as they once were, doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable or worth bringing back.

Q. Can I introduce these traditions into my household?

A. Absolutely! Many of these traditions can be easily incorporated into your holiday season. Some like Christmas pyramids and nativity scenes can be a fun family activity.

Q. Are these traditions only specific to certain regions or cultures?

A. Some of these traditions may be specific to certain regions or cultures. However, with globalization and increasing awareness, people from all over the world have started adopting them in their own way.

So, it’s time to dust off these forgotten traditions and add some sparkle to your holidays. Whether it’s rekindling an old tradition or starting a new one, these customs can make the holiday season more memorable and enjoyable.


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