How to Build Rustic Outdoor Seating?

How to Build Rustic Outdoor Seating?
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There are a few things as fun as sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows, making smores, and having a few beers with your friends. To make sure you always have enough seating, make these simple benches.

Step 1

How to Build Rustic Outdoor Seating?First, get a few full logs at least 12″ wide. They should also be at least 4′ long. Also, get a few pieces about the same width but can be shorter chunks.

Now take a chain saw and cut two chunks about 18″ tall. Make sure that both the top and bottom are flat. Next, cut one of the long logs directly down the center.

When you are done, you should have two long halves.

Step 2

outdoor seatingNow sit the small chunks you just cut up so they are sitting straight up. Set one of the long halves so the cut side is facing down onto the longs.

Now mark the edges of the long piece on the support chunks for reference. Also, measure the height of the long log and transfer that height measurement on the support chunks.

Step 3

outdoor seatingTake the chain saw and cut out the areas you just marked. To cut an elliptical portion out, cut down to your line the depth you need, then cut over a ¼” or so and repeat.

Do this until you have cut down to your needed depth across the support chunk. Then take a hammer and hit the sides of the cut pieces.

The slivers will break and fall out. Use the chainsaw in a side-to-side motion to clean up the cutout portion of the support. Repeat this for the other support chunk.

Step 4

outdoor seatingNow lay the long piece back on the support chunks, this time with the cut side up. The piece should fit well and be sturdy.

Take a drill and insert 4″ to 6″ screws from the bottom inside corners to keep the bench secure. Sand the benchtop with 100 grit sand paper and apply a sealer to the top.

If you decide NOT to keep the bark on the supports or the rest of the bench, you will need to seal the rest with sealer.

Congratulations! You just built seating for any occasion that is perfect for outdoor occasions.


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